Who we are:

Killers Incorporated is an EAST Coast Quake3 CTF clan. Our philosophy in battle is to fight with honor and pride. We will not tolerate anything but the best effort. We pride ourselves in our ability to have a good attitude and show respect to other clans and players in the Quake community. We view ourselves not as only clan mates, but also as friends.

What we look for:

Killers Inc. is open to tryouts, but clan membership is by invite only. We look for players that exhibit a high level of maturity and that are deeply dedicated to playing and having fun. Players should not only be able to show up for practice and matches but also be able to engage and interact with other clan members in a fun and positive way and able to take direction and follow instructions.

We look for recruits to be at least 18, but will take into consideration younger recruits that show a good and mature attitude. 

The recruiting process:

Since we are not mind readers, it is recommended that you fill out a recruit application to declare your interest in joining. After completing the online signup form we will begin to evaluate whether you're a fit for the clan or not.

<< The recruit process can last 7 days or more. >>

During the evaluation period we will not only evaluate your playing skills...but also whether your personality is a fit for the clan as well.

NOTE: You must join and stay in the #killco channel on the ETG IRC network ( irc.enterthegame.com ) so that we can contact and evaluate you. If you are not in the #killco IRC channel you have no chance in making it into the clan.

Good luck!

Click here to fill out the new recruit application

Any questions should be directed to time2die@killersinc.com


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1997-2002 Killers, Inc.

12545 sessions served
since 06/14/2001