Welcome to the Illustrious Killers Incorporated!

Killers Inc. is a Quake Gaming clan started in December 1997 as a QuakeWorld DM clan (DM3!). We have since moved on to Quake2 DM and finally to Quake3Arena DM/CTF. We were created as the result of a merger between EDK and Eliminate (with a few Napalm Killers (NK) members sprinkled in for flavor).

Our Philosophy:
Our philosophy in battle is to fight with honor and pride. We will not tolerate anything but the best effort. We pride ourselves in our ability to have a good attitude and show respect to other Quake clans and players. We view ourselves as not only clan mates, but also as friends. We gather together as a group of individuals, separated by space, time, age, race, color, and sex. However, we gather together so that we, as a group of individuals, may form a team to achieve victory, while still upholding the basic qualities we all deem admirable among our fellow members.

Our Skill:
Let those who would stand against us challenge us so we may prove our skill on the battlefield. There would be no greater proof than that. Just as in the days of warriors long gone, of battles fought and won and forgotten, so shall we come to glory and pass by the way. But for that brief moment in time, Killers Inc. shall endeavor to become the best clan, and each and every KI clan member shall endeavor to uphold the philosophy, attitude, and goals of KI. As so long as each member strives for these goals, there exists no clan that can stand in our way.

Clan Info:

Clan Name Killers Inc.
Founded December 15th, 1997
Clan Prefix KI
Clan Colors None
IRC Servers [ Click here for a list ]
IRC Channel #Killco
Web Page Design Time2Die/Glide
Skin Design Mindfazr
QW Skin [Regular] [Spring Look]
Quake2 Skin [Regular]
Q3Arena Skin [ In Beta ]

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1997-2002 Killers, Inc.

12545 sessions served
since 06/14/2001