Welcome to the [Time-b0t] home page. Time-b0t started out as a entertainment b0t and something to auto-op our clan members in what we thought at the time would be a temporary absence of services on the "Gamesnet IRC Network". Well...for most of Time-b0t's existence he has been a lonely, slightly modified mIRC script of stuff I learned and picked up from the mIRC FAQ and help files and hacked out some stuff from looking and picking over other mIRC scripts. Pretty much just auto-op and voice functions and some humorous "ON TEXT" lines.

I've always wanted to sit down and re-write the TB code the right way...and about around the beginning of July'98 I did just that. I then completely re-wrote him AGAIN with the release of 5.6 (which is what he's sitting on now) as that release broke a lot of the code. The TB code base is about 1500 lines long. It is highly optimized but in a readable and logical state. TB has had features come and go

This page is basically documentation on the b0t commands and sort of a feature list of stuff I'm working and thinking about. Will I ever be releasing the TB code? I thought about this and actually made a push with re-write #3 of the bot code to make it more modular and not as hard coded to the #killco channel but the amount of work and lack of time forced me to cut some corners and tho the current code base is clean, it has too many static references to specific channels. There isn't anything really ground breaking with TB's code and there are other application's and IRC scripting languages that are more powerful and easier to use. But TB started as an mIRC script and will end as a mIRC script.

TB To do List

  • hourly line counts
  • More logging of the commands. This is basically for debug and keeping track of who's doing what
  • Searchable !seen

!INFO Command List:

*Note: Please refer below if you are a first time user!


!info password COOLINFO - Sets Password
!info password OLD_PASSWORD NEW_PASSWORD - Changes password

Adding Info

!info set PASSWORD COOLINFO - Sets INFO in single normal mode
!info add PASSWORD COOLINFO - Sets and adds info in random mode (Max. of 5)
!info slotX PASSWORD COOLINFO - Sets INFO at X where X is the line number


!info del PASSWORD - Deletes info in single mode.
!info del PASSWORD SlotXYZ - Deletes info from position XYZ


!info help - Not much help heh
!info test - Simulates you joining the channel


!info check - Checks the stuff that usual breaks :<
!info resets - What I do when the script has hosed your info

First Time Users:

  • The first thing you need to do is a !info in the channel. 
  • Then when the bot private messages you, do a !info password XYZ where XYZ is your password for setting, changing, and deleting your info. 
  • Now that your password is set you need to do a !info set your_password XYZ where XYZ is some catchy phrase. 

October 4th, 2000

Added some additional commands to the !info and setup the page to use the KI site default design...

May 2nd, 2000

Time-b0t "setinfo" command revisited.

Moved these up top and made some additional notes...

February 20th, 2000

New Setinfo and seen script.

Removed all of these in favor of the up to date list above.


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