Across Space q3tourney6_ctf
Bitter Dungeons q3w4
Black Sky Mining Company q3w6
Bletey's Return q3wc1
Bloodlust q3wctf1 or q3w1
Camper Crossings q3wcp14
City Crossings q3w7
Cold Crossings q3wcp2
Coral CTF q3wcp16  
Courtyard Conundrum q3w2
Courtyard Conundrum q3wctf2
Crossed Paths ospctf2 or dboxctf2a
Crude Crossings q3wcp10
Denali Base q3w8
Desert Cemetary q3wc2
Devolved CTF q3wcp6
Dueling Keeps q3ctf1
Dynatron q3wcp7
Finnegans Revenge q3w3
Finnegan's Revenge q3wctf3
Funk dat! q3wcp13
Gospel Crossings q3w5
Harsh Grounds q3wcp8
Heat q3wc3
Hot Crossings q3wcp3
Industrial Accident q3wcp11
Industrial Revolution q3wcp15
Japanese Castles q3wcp1
Mostly Harmless q3wcp12
Schadenfreude q3wcp4
ShiNNing Forces q3wcp5 aka "Crew"
Showdown q3wc5
Silly CTF q3wxs3
Silly Railings q3wxs1
Silly Shootings q3wxs2
Space CTF q3ctf4
Spider Crossings q3wcp9
The Dead Zone q3wc4
The Stronghold q3ctf3
Troubled Waters q3ctf2
Twisted Base q3wc6
Ultimatium q3wc8
White Noise ospctf1 or wnoise

Wizard's Manse