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date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 29th, 1999 10:00am - Time2Die -

Is it me or did everyone in America decide to take this week off. And what in the hell is up with everyone going to the Malls? Didn't we just finish Xmas? What in the hell do you need from the mall that you didn't get for Xmas. GO HOME!

I normally don't look at all of the CPU reviews (cause there's about a BILLION hardware pages up now) but this one caught my eye. The P3 550E. Take a look at this article as it looks like this will be the next "over clockers" choice for the next generation of CPU's. As with about every article out there lately...you have to sift down to page 8 to REALLY get into the meat of the article...benchmarks and what it will OC to. The Q2 benchmarks, while good, are actually slower (slightly) on a 550e over a regular 550. BUT...in Q3 it's the opposite with the 550E winning out (slightly) over the regular 550. Here's the juice...the 550e ships at 100FSB. If you take it to 133 (as sharky does) it now runs at 733 (wee!). Check it out...also, here's a price page with the latest CPU prices.

CTF RANT: Here are some tips for the sake of me venting
(This isn't towards anyone in KI...just a little ranting)

Here are some q3ctf1 tips as I seem to find servers stuck on this lame as level...

Some General shit I see other players doing (that's good):

Ok...I feel better. Armor is your friend. Power Ups is the Key to most levels. Defense is your foundation. Attacking with 3 is golden. Everyone rotating to defend the base in the last 2 minutes of a game you're winning would be great. Rasta has some cool strats that hopefully I can get from him and post. If anyone has any other tips you see anyone making please send them in.

Moving on...been a little (secret) debate going on about what the INGAME naming convention for KI is. In the QW days it was ]KI[.YourName. Somehow in Q2 I got mixed up (and everyone seemed to follow) and we did [KI]YourName. In IRC...we do KI|YourName. SO! Email me or Private MSG me in IRC and tell me what you think. I'm going to tally the votes and we'll let the people decide (YEA!).

]KI[.YourName  or  [KI].YourName Here's a SS of the first and a SS of the second

Thanks to anyone that actually read all that CTF stuff :>

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 28th, 1999 2:42pm - Time2Die -

Rock and Roll! Hope everyone had a great Xmas. Not a lot going on in the world of Quake. Found that if you roll your s_mixahead from .2 to .1 your timedemo's will gain about 5-10 FPS. I tried using this in game, but my machine keeps popping me to the Q3 menu while playing about every 30-60minutes. Don't know if that's a coincidence or just the win2k drivers coming to bite me.

Two cool Photoshop tips I found out today:

1) If you hold the ctrl key down and click on a layer, it will mask whatever's in the layer for you (really cool!). Like the magic wand on crack.

2) You can merge multiple layers all at once by "linking" them together and hitting ctrl-e (which usually does a merge down of the layers). How to link layers? While in Photoshop, click on a layer (other than background) and notice the paintbrush that pops up to show you which layer you're working on. Now click on that spot in another layer that's not highlighted and notice the little figure 8/chain icon pop up. You have just linked the layer you're working on with that layer. This is also good for moving an image that's created from multiple layers. Just link and move.

Photoshop 5.5 is probably the best release so far of the series. The 4.x series introduced the new layer system (which was cool), 5.0 was a waste of space, and 5.5 has really got it all together with nice support for web colors and transparent gif's.

Why do I ramble on as I do? Well, I slapped some images together for the revised KI web page Glide and I are working on. Here's a prototype ki web banner (that's almost big enough to be a splash page). Here's the Full Pic. Check out the directory for some more cool shots.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 22nd, 1999 10:33am - Time2Die -

Doing some more digging. Yesterday was "Rise of the Triad"'s (ROTT) 5 year anniversary. ROTT was great for LAN's in a time before Quake (or qtest) as it was the only game (other than Descent) that allowed more than 4 players. 11 player limit...unheard of. It allow different player models, jump pads, vertical aiming (no mouse look tho), gibs that set the standard for gory, maps created specifically for DM (which is why people who only played the single player game never saw the best part of ROTT, the DM levels), weapons that when shot you actually felt like you were going to do some destruction (and made you glad you owned a sub), and level end player stats that I haven't seen standard in any game sense. ROTT was before it's time and if released today would have set a standard that it already has...accept it was released in a time where LAN parties were unheard of yet and was quickly forgotten and overlooked. Bummer. Here's a kickass page ROTT page that gives you a feel for the game and all it's glory. The reason I'm such a ROTT fan is that I played it for about 6-9 months with 5-6 guys while living in an apartment complex off of NC State's campus. Everynight...2-4am...nothing but gibs!

PlanetQuake updated their page layout...also, something I'm sure Glide will love to hear, there's a page up claiming to be creating a "Classic Quake CTF" mod with runes, grapple, SNG (you heard right), green armor (anything else you want resurrected from the quake bone yard of dead features?), and of course convert maps from quake and quake2. Thank god...and to think that I almost had to learn how to play something new.

The Quake2 team has an OGL (stop your boo'ing) match against 5:19 on either Wednesday the 28th or Thursday the 29th on Q2dm1 and Q2dm5. When 5:19 has picked the day I'll post it here...

And if you don't already know... Roger Wilco has a new version out (from a few weeks ago). Now this is the BETA from the beta page. Please download and install it. I beg of you...

And if you're REALLY bored...one of Redwoods friends completed Q3a on nightmare and made demo's of all the levels...now that's a true sign of "too much time and not enough chicks around". Here's the page.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 21st, 1999 11:40am - Time2Die -

Feels like Friday for some reason...go figure. Been playing a little q3CTF while trying to get the hang of Quake3. I've tweaked my config and now get a stable 90PFS with dips between 50-60. Very acceptable. Quake2 had a few CTF mods a side from id's plain jane CTF MOD. L-Fire was the best in terms of adding to the game without adding "toy" functionality. It had better admin functionality, better cheat protection, and really cool game and client options for keeping teams even and score reporting/stats. Sad to say tho the L-Fire page looks kinda dead these days... Now lmCTF. That was a crazy little Q2ctf mod. It had audible voice macro's, 20 new maps (to the 5 id maps of which only 2-3 were really playable), and the insta-grapple. Now they ARE working on a Q3 ctf MOD that should be interesting. Tho I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't include the grapple (glide's absolute favorite CTF weapon that he wishes made it into the final game). The lmCTF page can be found here. Speaking of CTF...I saw on Redwood/Stomped that Zoid is going to release another Quake2 version (3.21) in January with some of the OpenGL technology from Quake3. 

Zoid Quote: I'm working on this stuff now that Q3 is out the door. I hope to have a Quake2 3.21 that uses the new Q3 model of OpenGL handling late December or in January.

Here are a few Binds I've picked up from "The Bind".

Rocket Jump Macro (not tested):

cl_pitchspeed 9999
set rjump "+lookdown;wait;wait;+attack;+moveup;wait;wait;-attack;-moveup;-lookdown;wait;centerview"
bind x vstr rjump

A Max Packet Switcher

// cl_maxpackets Cycler
// bind home "vstr morepackets"
// bind end "vstr lesspackets"

set cl_maxpackets35 "echo CL_MAXPACKETS: 35; set cl_maxpackets 35; set morepackets vstr cl_maxpackets35; set lesspackets vstr cl_maxpackets30"
set cl_maxpackets30 "echo CL_MAXPACKETS: 30; set cl_maxpackets 30; set morepackets vstr cl_maxpackets35; set lesspackets vstr cl_maxpackets25"
set cl_maxpackets25 "echo CL_MAXPACKETS: 25; set cl_maxpackets 25; set morepackets vstr cl_maxpackets30; set lesspackets vstr cl_maxpackets20"
set cl_maxpackets20 "echo CL_MAXPACKETS: 20; set cl_maxpackets 20; set morepackets vstr cl_maxpackets25; set lesspackets vstr cl_maxpackets15"
set cl_maxpackets15 "echo CL_MAXPACKETS: 15; set cl_maxpackets 15; set morepackets vstr cl_maxpackets20; set lesspackets vstr cl_maxpackets15"
set morepackets vstr cl_maxpackets25
set lesspackets vstr cl_maxpackets15

// EOF

A Mouse Sensitivity Switcher that's cool

set senshigh "set sensitivity 6.5; set sensswitch vstr senshigh; play sound\player\clank4"
set senslow "set sensitivity 3; set sensswitch vstr senslow; play sound\player\clank2"
set sensswitch vstr senslow
set sensitivity vstr highsens
bind x vstr sensswitch

I would highly recommend taking a look at Essobie's Script off of the "Thebind" page.

I stuck my current config up. There's a lot of "beta" script in there but have a look. I split the script up into three parts so that if someone wants just the "tweaks" they only need to download the autoexec.cfg. I currently get around 70FPS on demo001 with the sound on. My system is a p2 300a OC'd to 450 running TNT2U 3.63 Win2k nvidia/asus Drivers with 192 megs o RAM. My TNT2u is at 175/200 (I think that's right). Have a look...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 19th, 1999 1:33pm - Time2Die -

Session Start: Mon Dec 15 22:40:19 1997
[22:40] *** Now talking in #killco
#killco created on Mon Dec 15 22:35:47

Happy Birthday Killers Inc. 2 years old! (We're almost ancient). We started as a merger of two clans on December 12th but didn't get the name down till the 15th. The idea was to create an atmosphere of players that were active and serious about playing and that by merging 2 clans that had 6-8 or so REALLY active players finding people to play would be twice as easy (see the math?)...if any one ever suggests to you that the clan you are in should merge with another...kick their ass. The other clan we merged with ended up one by one dropping out of the clan only to later reform the original clan. Killers Inc. was actually the merger of "Evil Death Klownz" (EDK), "Eliminate" (E8), and 3 guys from Napalm Killers (nk). Even tho we were created the same month and year Quake2 was released...we were a QuakeWorld DM Clan (East GDI!). Go figure. Here's the Old EDK page I keep up for the hell of it. I might go back and create a logo's page for it as I did some cool stuff for EDK. As we move into year three I look forward to continuing our drive to excellence with Quake3. Rock on!

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 14th, 1999 1:42am - Glide -

Yes, you read that correctly, I'm updating the web page for once in about 4 or more months.  We've got some things changing around the administrative side of things in KI.  Time2Die was pretty much doing all the work (updating the web pages, scheduling matches, trying to organize practices/scrimms, etc.) and it was keeping him from playing regularly and definitely keeping him from enjoying Quake.

We had a meeting this evening regarding Quake 3, and the future of the clan administration, including whether to remain in OGL or not.  The decision was made to drop OGL for a number of reasons, the two major ones being: 1- no respect for the coast the clan is nearest to (we had many frustrating west versus east coast matches), and 2- OGL's apparent inability to keep their web server running for more than a 48 hour consecutive period.  Thus I have signed us up for Teamplay.Net.  The format is similar to OGL, but the administration looks far better.  I've spoken with one of the admin's ([r2]kauffee) and he seems to think we can solve our east/west problem by challenging only east coast clans.  I'm not sure what this means for clans challenging us, but if they don't want the transcontinental headaches either, this should all work out fine.

We have tenatively signed up for both Q3 DM and Q3 CTF.  We had a fun few games of CTF this past evening, and interest was enough in it to go ahead and sign us up.  So follow this link to sign up for Teamplay.Net and add yourself to the Killers, Inc. team.  Teamplay.Net has this 'team home page' that I plan on using in addtion to our own page to update you all on whats happening with matches, practices, etc.  I'd suggest you bookmark it as well.  

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 10th, 1999 2:27pm - Time2die -

Little Friday update...talked to my cable dude about how they picked the CM beta testers...random testers were selected with areas close to the hubs and specific areas needed for testing kept in mind. So...no rhyme or reason for the most part. I have scheduled my install for Monday Afternoon so...I'll post something Monday on how the RoadRunner (RR) in Raleigh is.

Some Quake3 Commands...

writeconfig - The demotest had a save and restore function for your config built into the q3demotest system menu (I believe) . It's not present in the Q3 Full. What's a guy to do...from the console if you do a "writeconsole filename" it will create under the baseq3 dir in your quake3 dir a filename.cfg of all your current settings and cvars. The way to unscramble the text: Drop to a command console (DOS/Command Prompt) and use the console command "edit filename.cfg" in the baseq3 dir and do a file/save and exit edit. Once that's done...you can open the file up in notepad for easy modification and browsing of settings. I recommend that you setup your config so that you can completely have quake3 setup exactly the way you like it (via the autoexec.cfg) after say renaming or deleting the q3config.cfg (which is a good test). This keeps you flexible and if for some reason you have to reload q3 you won't lose that mystery setting some dude on a server told you to type in the console that you've long forgotten. On that same vein...if the setting in your config is the default variable...keep it out of your config. Keep your config down to only the commands and cvars that AREN'T set by default.

cg_forceModel - Skeletons, The orbs, Skaters, Whatever...pain in the ass to see, aim at, and make pay for picking and using such a lame ass model. The fact that id has built in the red/blue skins for all the models makes this command really work. You basically pick a skin you can live with, set cg_forceModel 1, and when the maps restarts everyone has your model on with the blue and/or red skin on depending on team and mod. Almost as good as sv_pure...which brings up another subject.

sv_pure - When this is set to 1 on the server (not client controlled)...the server does a CRC check on your pak and if you have yours un-pak'd, hacked, or paks that the server DOESN'T have you can't connect and play. What this means is that HOPEFULLY you can't hack your EXE or PAK file to report faulty sizes and that the playing field will be level (for awhile) against punks who cheat to make up for lack of skill and honor. All the KI servers (I believe) are set to pure DM.

cg_drawTeamOverlay - This is not on by default...it's the display that shows your teammates health, weapon, and ammo in the top right.

If anyone has a good Quake3 Console page that they know of...please email me the link.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 8th, 1999 4:09pm - Time2die -

What I won't do for a Cable Modem. Had the Timer Warner cable guy out (contractor) to install my Road Runner cable modem (RR) jack and run tests on the line to make sure that it would run data over it within acceptable limits (which it does with flying colors). Well...once we established that we were going to have to run a new line we popped under the crawl space (wee!), which is a very clean crawl space as I had it cleaned out and new plastic laid down just 6 months ago, to only have the cable guy tell me he can't get to the other side of the house where the computer room. Well...I don't like crawl spaces and I hate bugs...but mine is so nice that I overcame that fear in a hurry. So I hope back inside and get some shorts on, as I had just come from work, grabbed my flashlight and proceeded to crawl on in and do battle with the maze of duct work and foundation supports. Long story short...I hiked that cable in on my hands and knees and overcame the challenges that had risen to prevent me from having an even  lower ping than I already have with ADSL. Yea! Tidbits: They actually have a cable splitter for the cable going to the cable modem (CM) that knocks the signal down 9db so that it's "just right" for the cable modem. I was also fortunate enough to get someone that has a lot of experience in implementing CM systems and told me the CM's that Time Warner was using were the ones to have. I should be setup by next Thursday.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) December 7th, 1999 12:13pm - Time2die -

Unless you've had your head buried in the sand Quake3a is OUT! Most of us terrorized EB and the other local software shops for copies last Friday. Some cool stuff...some throw away eye candy. Some commands you probably have but I'm going to list anyway...

If You run Win2k...this is the GAMMA fix:

Real life is dragging me down with Xmas shopping and what not...but I should have some more Q3 tips up tonight (with example configs) incase anyone needs some config tips. I've actually dug up my QW config since my Quake2 team binds was very much location oriented...and the Quake3 team HUD basically makes the Q2 one useless. Should be interesting...

O...KI is top 5 in both OGL Quake2 and Quake3 Open DM ladders. We played BlackTongue for the #4 stop in Quake3 Sunday night with a west/east coast match that as usual left everyone wishing the OGL would split their ladders up into west/east. GG to all. Here are the ss's. <<Game1 - Our Server>> <<Game2 - Their Server>> We agreed on basically spliting the servers and taking the sum of the two games for the winner.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 30th, 1999 6:50pm - Time2die -

Added Lostboys Bio Pic. Glide and I are starting to redo the site...you just can't see it yet (heh). This layout was cool...but too much maintenance. Also working on re-inventing [Time-b0t] as I'm sketching out his command layout and rethinking his approach in terms of remote admin and taking out all the hard coding I've done in the past in favor of more modular bits of code in hopes of one day releasing the b0t code.

We had a Quake2 OGL match last night that didn't go anywhere. Played and lost one game...wasn't worth playing a second game. I would say the opposing team were good sports but they weren't. Wouldn't drop their spec's, trash talked, and generally made everyone ashamed to even know that there are clans like this out there who do nothing but hassle other clans instead of getting down to business and playing and enjoying quake. I think if you are a top ranked clan you should set an example for other clans on what good sportsmen ship is and try and build a sense of community among clans in general. I thought that by trying to befriend other clans, you made your own clan stronger from the respect you gained from having good relations and a good reputation with the clan community. The clan we played last night and basically every clan so far we've played that's been a "Top 10" OGL clan has proven to me that they're just out there for themselves and have completely missed the big picture in terms of the Quake community.

Moving on...I have updated the FRAG4 page with some pictures Noogman Took. Here's a direct link.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 29th, 1999 4:00pm - Time2die -

Played and won against clan Blood Knights in the Q3 OGL Open bracket. Here's the SS for Game1 - Game2. The First meeting resulted in a win with a combined margin of only 6 points between both games. Also rearranged the Results page from oldest to newest to newest to oldest (umm...yea).

Should have some FRAG4 pictures up later today.

This whole "no openGL or DirectX support" in Win2k is a buncha BS. What's worse is that every news page is running this "news break!" without an explanation of what this REALLY means. This story means that the default TNT whatever and/or Voodoo whatever drivers won't have DirectX OR OpenGL support. The reason they give is that the card manufacturers haven't supplied Microsoft with drivers that are stable enough for them to certify for use with their OS. Like lack of stability has ever stopped Microsoft from putting something out. What it all comes down to is support and who foots the bill for it. By not including the DirectX and OpenGL support for their default video drivers included with the OS they fluff off the support to the Card manufacturers and game makers. It's all about saving a buck...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 22th, 1999 12:42am - Time2die -

Great googley moogely...FRAG4 was a blast. Friday we had about 15 computers up and going (sorta) with some LAN action going. Made for sorta a mini-KI LAN party. Was a learning experience as we'd never had that many computers up and going at Smeg's. Had a few "trouble" machines, but nothing a few trips to Best Buy and the dedication and time of a few guests couldn't (eventually) fix. Power was an issue...but I think we know what to do next time for that. Next time success will be ours. Saturday was even better as we had a great FRAG4 experience with tons of prizes, a case of "Bawls" for all to try, and some great folks in attendance. One of the Unreal dudes came by with a couple of shirts and the new Unreal Tourney (Gold) CD that we gave away. Got to talk to him awhile about stuff in general. There were 3 tourneys; Unreal Tourney FFA, Quake2 2v2, and Quake3 3v3. Here's how everyone faired:

Unreal Tourney FFA
1. /dev/frag
2. Time2Die
3. JohhnyMojo
Quake 2
1. N8_Dawg & Time2Die
2. HydroAx & Lostboy
3. Rastaman & Schmoe
Quake 3
1. Noog, 2W1LD, Time2Die
2. Drizzit, Dantrang, ICE.9
3. Rastaman, HydroAx, Lostboy

Here are 2 animated gif's StingRay made of our Rail and Rocket pyramid we tried. For some reason we couldn't get the q3 server to allow more than 20 on startup without dying...sucked. <<Rocket>> <<Rail>> <<Rail Pyramid Demo>>

Big Thanks go out to Smeg for having everyone over Friday and letting everyone crash there. Thanks to everyone that helped get the "trouble" machines up and going Friday night (especially Lunk...you stud). Rasta and Schmoe for making the drive from Virginia (what dedication!). Noog and Wild and Speed for making the jaunt from Charlotte. Xypher for hopping a Jet to attend. The entire FRAG4 staff for putting countless thankless hours into making this happen. And everyone else for stopping, dropping, and attending FRAG4. (If I missed someone...sorry!).

I'll have some pictures up when I get back Holiday. I have posted SS's and Demo's <<here>>. If you have a demo you want to share from this past weekend, just email them to time2die@killersinc.com.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 22th, 1999 12:42am - Time2die -

FRAG4...had a ton of fun. ADSL was down part of the day and spent the other part catching up on all the stuff I ignored while at the LAN (chores). Will have a complete overview of the Party with SS's and demo's tomorrow. There are no matches scheduled till after Thanksgiving. I have fixed the "recruit" form, which was VERY broken (sorry to anyone that sent one in since the beginning of November). And the last tidbit of info I leave you with is a Quake3 tip. The command is "callvote" and you use it just like rcon. So if you want to restart a server with the map_restart command you would do a "/callvote map_restart" and the server prompts everyone to vote. Quake3a has gone gold...hope they fixed my NAT bug.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 18th, 1999 4:11pm - Time2die -

Win Some...you lose some. Good week...Bad week. Well...this would be the later on both accounts. We dropped our Q3 OGL game last night after dealing with finding a server and strange 1.09 lag problems. O well...there won't be any real serious games until the full comes out. GG to Oldmen.

On a local note...FRAG4 is this weekend and we have about 8-10 folks going to rock da LAN. Should have pictures next week and some demo's up Sunday. Tons of cool prizes (they even have Bawls!). If the Channel seems a little empty Friday and Saturday you know where we'll be...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 17th, 1999 8:21am - Time2die -

Played our Q2 OGL match last night and lost. Playing West Coast clans is a pain. On one side you want a server where you ping great to and on the under hand you don't want to ping kill the other side just because they live on the other side of the US. So you end up playing on second rate servers with abnormally high ping levels for your connection and end up getting (like last night) out played to top it off. The first game wasn't fun for anyone. We some how went from being up by 10 to down by 15 or so to winning by one in the last few seconds. A nail bitter. The second one (after a server change because someone with rcon/admin was abusing the server) wasn't so hot with us losing. The third game just never got going for us as we lost by 15 or so. We worked the lead down, but never took it back. I'll have the SS's up tonight.

We have a Quake3 OGL match tonight that should be interesting as we've agreed to play the new version of Q3ademo/test/whatever.

Probably won't get posted but I actually figured out the fix for the dedicated servers running so high on CPU utilization from Carmacks .plan update and emailed the news pages. >> After reading Carmacks .plan this morning I tried some different settings with com_maxfps. Setting it lower than the default of 85 only made the utilization go higher...but 999 works like a charm. Just thought I'd pass this along as the dedicated servers installed with default values from the install run at about 30-40% CPU utilization per server (makes running multiple servers a little hard). <<

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 15th, 1999 6:41am - Time2die -

Quake3 Demo 1.09 is out (as you probably know by now) and it rocks. Should have a local mirror pasted in the channel for those having troubles pulling from the Quake3Arena page. I would try there first before trying a mirror tho...

There's no doc's with this release so we're going to have to wait on the work of others for some doc's on the new commands. The dedicated server mode seems to have a bug in it where the server grabs 30-40% of the CPU just idling with no users (great). Check the KI Server page for up to the minute servers up. The FFA has all 4 maps in rotation. That page is BTW updated dynamically...if a server is listed there it's up. Here's a Cvarlist console dump if you're itching to see the command list. The dedicated TP mode changed from g_gametype 2 to 3 (consistency...that's id's policy). Also...if you're going to type in the rconpassword to a server...make sure to stick a / in front of the command (I'm sure they're gonna change that one). Also...if you're using a Win2k beta and maybe tried the Asus 3.56 win2k drivers you might have to go back to MS's built in TNT drivers as that's what I had to do. Use the built in driver and this TNT FIX and you'll be golden. Just stick the DLL in the system32 dir (over writing the one there that's 1.2meg) and run the reg file (which I think is optional). That's all for now (and yes the time on this update is correct :)...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 12th, 1999 4:16pm - Time2die -

Doing some updates behind the scenes. Completely (sorta) re-did the members section with a slightly slimmed down "Bio" section and a redone menu done in text instead of gif files. Actually looks nicer that way. Also got "Qtracker" updating our server page every 5 minutes or so which is a real cool way of figuring out which servers are up. IF the server is down...it doesn't get into the servers.html page. What you see is what's up (novel ehh?). Also updated the Q2 servers BW-admin pluggin to 1.71. Look for an update in the coming week to the left menu...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 8th, 1999 4:44pm - Time2die -

Almost forgot about this logo I worked on for a few minutes last night...<<Wallpaper>>

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 8th, 1999 1:01pm - Time2die -

Last nights Q3 OGL match ended in a 0-2 lose to HKA. Game 1 - Game2.

On the Lighter side, the Quake2 OGL team has moved up to the #4 spot on the OGL ladder via 2 forfeits. One was HcT via their roster mishap and the other was just a regular "didn't accept the challenge in time" forfiet. Now the fun begins...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 5th, 1999 9:51pm - Time2die -

Well...HcT has posted some rather "interesting" commentary. As usual another clan has made a "mistake" and is all pissed at us for their short comings. Here's what they posted on their page:

we beat killer inc. the other night during ogl. the games were fucking awesome. the screenshots and demos have been posted. we had to forfeit to them though cause we used k0mic during the match and they reported us but they are really gay so we will have to re-challenge them in a couple weeks to show them we can beat their asses again. so go look at the demos!

Look at the demo...squeaked a win on the first one and if you subtract the ringer the other 3 HcT have basically the same scores as us. We challenged a clan...if you have no honor in losing and would rather win by cheating then so be it. We look forward to playing again...wonder if we'll play anyone from the first match (heh). Here's the Game 1 SS and the Game 2 SS as well as the directory with various demo's and SS's. I stuck the q2dm1 demo they posted on their page in the directory from the first game. The second one they posted just loops so I elected not to post it. The other demo is one of me on q2dm1 (some sweet rails) with my new IntelliEYE.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 5th, 1999 5:30pm - Time2die -

Well...Wednesday night's Quake2 OGL match was interesting if nothing else. First game was a close game with us losing to HcT by one point (grrr). Well...come game two we lose by about 96-53. WTH? This dude HcT-K0m came in on the second game and got like 51 of the 96 frags for the HcT team. Yikes...boy was on fire. So when we go back  into IRC I was like "who the hell was that k0m dude?" and got the answer that he doesn't do the IRC. Well...for some reason or another I had taken an rcon shot of the status of the server showing all of the players ips. So I "/dns k0m's ip" and "/who k0m's ip" and find out that k0m is actually ar|BF22 from actusReus and is listed on the ar roster for Q2 and k0m1c on the HcT for q2 as well. I don't really care if someone in two clans (unless one of you two clans is KI). That's a whole other debate. The issue I had was that we squeaked the first game and thought that the second one would be close as well. Putting in a "ringer" to clinch a match was wrong. So I emailed the admin to ask for a ruling and today got an email saying we had gotten a forfeit win. HcT falls from #6 to #9 and we are now resting at #6 and have challenged #4. I hope there are not any hard feelings from HcT. And btw the excuse that "we didn't know" doesn't fly as he wasn't on IRC twice with two nicks. Someone from HcT contacted him under his aR| nick. Have a nice day...

With that said we have a Quake3 match this coming Sunday at 9PM Eastern.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) November 2nd, 1999 8:30am - Time2die -

New month...new server for the KI web page. Should be a little faster for some of you...and slower for others. Moving the web page to this box will allow us to do more with the web page...but more on that later. I have moved all of the email accounts and groups over and will be sending out a test email to everyone in the form of a group email...if you don't get one from me today email yourself at your killersinc.com email addy and then get in touch with me on what your correct email addy should be. Look for some slight changes to the KI page as we remove some options no one uses (files/configs) and add some in that have become necessary (public forums/#killco pictures and stats) as well as just some clean up work in the HTML.

Our match against Black Tongue resulted in a win. Ended up being just a 3v3 with us playing one on our server and one on their server and taking the sum of the two games. My ADSL went down this morning before I could post the screenshots but will be forth coming when I get home. Thanks go out to everyone that played and helped and to BT for showing good sportsman's like conduct even when the odds (aka the ping) weren't in their favor.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 28th, 1999 5:30pm - Time2die -

Updated the semi-super secret #killco page with a ton of new pictures. Thanks go out to Smeg and everyone who submitted pictures. If you see a picture or quote you don't like...just email me and I'll adjust the page. Also put up a "Time-b0t Stat" page (which is also pretty damn cool). It gets updated hourly.

The schedule page has been updated. Strange times and dates.

Ok...here's the deal with the forums. You have to register and have the board email you your password to use the forums. This is to cut down on spamming and keep everything on the up and up. The private forums password is the same as the old message board. The board is very full featured and I believe everyone will enjoy it once they get used to it. The key is changing your password to something other than the default (which is some random pain in the ass password no one could ever remember). Passwords and username are CASE SENSITIVE.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 26th, 1999 8:49am - Time2die -

Our Quake2 team beat Clan Recon 2-0 games to take the #10 spot on OGL (sometimes known as slow-gl...damn website). Big thanks go out to recon for being such good sports as they had config and ping problems. Our Quake3a team tho got an education on strategy the hard way losing to clan Night Breed. We've challenged Hardcore Troopers for the Q2 ladder and Clan Black Tongue for the Q3 ladder. As soon as I know dates I'll post them. The results and schedule pages have been updated...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 22nd, 1999 1:42pm - Time2die -

Trick or treat early. New TNT2 drivers <<here>>. Also...if you want to crack your Quake3 directory download <<this file>> and stick it in your demoq3 dir and then rename it to baseq3. Thanks Thred. <<Here's that link>> to the Doom app where you can run around and actually kill system processes off. Here's just a strange one...you have to <<click here>> to understand why. 

I added the F.R.A.G. button to the LAN page and added both the CityKill pictures and a link to the upcoming F.R.A.G. 4 LAN coming up in Nov. I will be shortly adding some info to that page in regards to what's happening as far as KI is concerned. <<Here>> is the page with the Q2 2v2 rules and settings. Standard maps with standard settings using the OSP Tourney mod. Not that it's needed...but I've asked Frankos to load up the BW Admin pluggin as well to the Q2 tourney servers just in case. There is currently no Quake3 tourney set for the FRAG. After asking around I think Smeg is going to lend a hand and run it for everyone. The jury is still out about the final decision but I think it'll happen. It would basically be like the CityKill one we participated in (3v3's).

Please check the schedule page as we have a Q3 match Sunday and a Q2 match schedule Monday. The Quake2 Match is going to be weird as the second map is Tokay's Towers (huh?...exactly). The good news is that since we're challenging we get to pick the third map if it comes to that. The Q3 match looks to be against another Q1 clan.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 20th, 1999 12:41am - Time2die -

Won both our Quake2 and Quake3a matches tonight. Clan Blood Knights, an old school Quake clan, played two tight games with us only winning the first by one and the second by five.  Both games at one point we were down by 10 (or more as in game one) only to come back and squeeze the win both times. Very close...<Game 1> <Game 2>. Played Steel Maelstrom earlier for our Quake2 match...great games. <Game 1> <Game 2> Thanks go out to both clans for being great sportsmen and working out servers both teams could play on. Also to Rasta for giving up his social life for 30 more minutes and N8 for giving up practice to pitch in.

We're now a top 20 OGL team in both leagues and look forward to climbing higher and becoming a top 10 (and higher). It might not be the PGL but it's something... 

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 18th, 1999 5:30pm - Time2die -

Finally got UBB working. Only one of the coolest online BBS systems (if you'd call it that). The private forums password is the same as the old forums password. The registration is a hassle...but in the long run it'll keep the posts legit and hopefully cut down on any spam. It has GREAT administration and is very powerful yet easy to work (except the install). If anyone wants additional forums, say like a LAN party forum or another forum of interest, just drop me a line.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 17th, 1999 10:38am - Time2die -

Hope The schedule page is up to date with our upcoming matches. The problem with challenging other teams is that they get to choice the 2 dates for which we pick 1 as the final. Lately it seems that we've been having both our q2 and q3 games on the same day. If you're playing in the Quake2 one (or think you might) please be in the channel 30 minutes before as we need to make sure this one starts on time so we can deal with the q3 match @10:30. The Quake2 match is with clan Steel Maelstrom, which is a west coast clan. We've already switch emails as to some possible servers. Houston and Pod came up as 2 like candidates. Also...the second map is "The Pits" (q2dm5) so we need to get together and  go over that map.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 13th, 1999 9:50am - Time2die -

OGL...no comment. Our Q3 match from Sunday vaporized into the team giving us a win even tho we didn't play. We have Challenged the clan Blood Knights (#17)...who look to be a old quake clan. The OGL page was down all weekend and we were unable to challenge the #1 2v2 team before our good friends No Escape Challenged us...no comment. I have updated the schedule and results page with our Q2 loss to No Escape in the Q2 4v4 Open ladder.

Note: Our OGL Q2 page (on ogl.org) has been fixed. Logon and check out the logo (heh). Little something Mindfazr made for us a while back.

Just figured out I'm going to have to invert the match results table (doh!). Also...anyone have some cool demo's from CityKill? I want to finish up the LAN page and would love some demo's and SS's if anyone has some they're proud to post.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 8th, 1999 1:34pm - Time2die -

Talk of the "Frag" is picking up (a local LAN party here in Raleigh). It's set for November 20th, all day Saturday. We're looking to have 10+ KI and friends show up. Take a look at the registry and sign-up! If you're going...signup already.

In other news...it doesn't look like we can get a break on OGL scheduling. Since we're challenging (on both the q3 and the q2 front) the other team gets to pick 2 date and times for us to pick. It looks like they both picked Saturday and Sunday. So I'm going to email one ofthem to try and push it back one day but as of right now we have a Q2 match @9pm and a Q3 match @10pm on this coming Sunday. If everything worked out it wouldn't be a problem...but things will get screwed with delays.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 7th, 1999 12:35am - Time2die -

Played and won our Q3 Open DM match against Clan DM tonight. Here are the SS"s <Game1> <Game2>. Thanks everyone that played and helped organize.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 6th, 1999 9:44am - Time2die -

We had another 2v2 match last night and held on to the #2 spot in the Q2 2v2 Open ladder. ADSL is bonked so I had to revert to ISDN. Here are the ss's <game1> <game2> and the Directory for the demo's if you're up for some stupid TP on my part...entertaining tho.

Here are the CityKill Shots Noogman took with his digital camera. I should get mine back tonight and have them up by tomorrow. Would love some demo's from you guys that went. I mostly played Q3a so I don't have anything more than SS's of the matches (which I'm going to post just the same).

We have Quake3 Match tonight @11pm (which is wacked) and a Q2 4v4 Open Match Sunday @9 against No Escape. The 2v2 team will also be playing these guys real soon as they're challenging the #1 spot in the 2v2 Ladder. If you have a question about schedules...please check the schedule page as I've been keeping up with it...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 4th, 1999 12:47am - Time2die -

Played and defeated Quake Dragon Clan ][ for OGL Quake2 Open DM. They had half east and half west so we played a mid west server (Houston) to try and even pings out. Q2dm8 was played first for 10 minuntes (doh!) and then again to equal out 20 minutes. QDC wanted to play the "Colour's" level for the second game but no one had it and we couldn't find a server that was running it with time running out for a few of our teammates so we decided to forfeit the second game so that we could pick Q2dm1 to play as the tie breaker. Here are the screen shots <<Game1a - Game1b - Game2 (Forfiet) - Game3>>

Quake3 Match has been set for Tuesday.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) October 3rd, 1999 6:24pm - Time2die -

Would like to first Welcome N8_dawg to Killers Inc. N8 lives in Raleigh, is a Capricorn, and likes long romantic walks on the beach. Would also like to welcome Apoc back from the depths of summer work where he didn't have access to the Net (...imagine).

About 10+ KI and friends went to the City Kill LAN party in Charlotte, N.C.  Saturday. A CPU came lose, a sound card had to be re-seated, our hub wouldn't sync with the main uplink switch, and we had some early power problems that we had to deal with in the AM. But by Lunch we had everything working and going good. Thanks goes out to the City Kill admins who kept everyone calm and got everything taken care of. We signed up for the q3 3v3 tourney that was being held and the team of 2Wild4U, Noogman, and Time2Die took the top spot after beating out 4 other teams in a field of 10 teams. There was also a Q2 1v1 tourney in which our very own Killer_B ("All Killer...No Filler") took 1st with N8_Dawg taking 2nd. Magnus and Time2Die split 3rd out of a field of 16 folks. No one from KI entered the QW 1v1...Bioweapon took first there.

We'll have some pictures of the LAN party from Noogman as soon as he recovers from Saturday and emails me the pictures.

Now...if we could just get id to release the 1.09 client as it sounds like Q3a might finally be shaping up to be an actually game...and not a "test". Only thing they seem to be able to test the best is my patience...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 27th, 1999 1:29pm - Time2die -

What is OGL...a gaming ladder system that has set rules and procedures to enable clans with a semi-automated system of streamlining the scheduling and playing of matches in a fair and orderly fashion. If you do not show up at the time of the match and do not email the other team before hand of a possible tardiness on your end it is only logical for you to assume the other team will think the worst has happened and that you are a no show...typical in OGL. With that being said...do not come into the other clan's channel and get bent out of shape because of a situation you put yourself in. Things happen...and I happened to be on the receiving end of someone's mistake. To defend my position I will explain the situation as I saw it yesterday. I knew of one of the players and the channel which was his clan channel so I hung around ALL DAY...no show. I saw no signs of either participant by 7:30 (the match was at 6) and decided to cut my losses and email the admin so I could go catch a bite to eat as I was sitting there like a fool waiting for something that was to never be. I threw away 2 hours of my time trying to give someone the benefit of the doubt. So fast forward to 11:30 or so and a person that's supposedly one of the players brother pop's in and tells a sad story and begs me to reschedule but upon finding out that I've already email the admin gets all huffy and threatens to remove his "brother" and play the match himself. Well I said fine, we'll reschedule for Tuesday and I'll re-email the admin of the situation...but at 12:15 last night before doing so I got the forfeit announcement from the OGL ladder. So...it should be interesting to see what happens next. In the mean time we're sitting at the #2 spot on the OGL Q2 Open DM 2v2 ladder. I don't know why I should feel bad when we've done nothing wrong.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 26th, 1999 1:29pm - Time2die -

We have a Q3 OGL Open Game Monday Night @9pm EST. We currently have a challenge in for a Q2 4v4 that will probably go into forfeit. I should have some info on the two Q2 2v2's we have going today (both teams are playing heh). I'm not really sure how to handle all of the OGL activity in terms of what to report to the page and what not to. Anyway...Grovah has won his OGL 1v1 match and was kind enough to send me the ss's <<game1>> <<game2>>. Good job dude!

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 22nd, 1999 3:26pm - Time2die -

Here are the Pic's we're going to use on the KI shirts for City Kill. << Front >> << Back >> The front will be 4x4inch and the back will be 10x10inch. Secure yours today via Noogman. Also...starting to compile some of the Killers Inc. Wallpaper that has been done in the past and posted into one spot. Here's the directory of what I've uploaded so far.

Some Misc links:

Speaking of City Kill...here's the deal if you don't already know...City Kill is a LAN party that's planned for next weekend in Charlotte. One day dealie that has about 60+ people signed up to attend of which 10+ will be clan and/or friends of the clan. Should be fun...

For what it's worth...The Q2 2v2 Team (t2d & kb) has moved to the #6 ring (out of 60+ teams) in the OGL ladder and have challenged the #2 ring. Since the ladder reset itself a couple of months ago we're 2-1...the previous record was lost in the reset.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 21st, 1999 5:34pm - Time2die -

The "Speed/Noogie" Servers are back online. Here are the Quake2 servers.

We have a Q2 4v4 Open OGL Match setup for Thursday @9 EST with RulezClan. Check out that page...you might have to get Babel fish to help translate tho. We also have challenges under way with both the Q3 Open and Q2 2v2 (t2d & kb) teams. If you are participating in OGL (2v2/1v1/whatever) please report wins/loses so we can track them here on the page. I am keeping up with the results and schedule page so when in doubt...check those pages out!

Also would like to congratulate Killer_B on completing his MCSE.  

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 19th, 1999 10:26am - Time2die -

Since OGL is on the blink and the weekend is upon us...here are some Win2k tips:

Full SB Live support won't come until probably after the release of Win2k (end of October) from Creative themselves. The Voodoo1/2 cards do work...they just don't have full support yet (Glide games work fine tho). Voodoo3 is supposed to have native support (aka DirectX 7).

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 17th, 1999 10:11pm - Time2die -

Thanks go out to everyone for understanding and working with the IOD OGL match. We had two choices; either play a 3v3 with 1 hpb on each team or reschedule. The first game was played on Q2dm1 with the last two being played on Q2dm8, which was apparently IOD's strong map (time to practice that one more). Thanks also go out to Clan IOD for being a great opponent and for showing great sportsman ship...hopefully we can get some scrims going with these guys to further hone our skills. The demo's aren't very interesting but I might post them later.

On that same note I need everyone that plays Quake2 to join the open team as we're short on the roster and can't challenge anyone till we have six people. In other OGL news...it looks like both our Q2 2v2 Open challenge and our Q3 4v4 Open challenges are going to lapse into forfeit wins. Fun ehh?

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 16th, 1999 11:51pm - Time2die -

Another strange OGL match...in an attempt to actually play a match we agreed to field 2 lpb's and 1 hpb's. 3 Games later we came out the victors. Here are the SS"s...<<Game 1>> <<Game 2>> <<Game 3>> I'll update the schedule/results tomorrow.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 15th, 1999 5:15pm - Time2die -

We have a OGL Q2 DM Open match on Thursday @9pm EST. Q2 dudes...look for an email tonight. No word yet on the Quake3 Open challenge.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 14th, 1999 5:31pm - Time2die -

OGL fun. We lost our 2v2 Match Against DSL-1 last night after technical difficulties on my part in game one (fix: Box fan blowing over the CPU), 2 dudes (not from DSL) that message spammed BS stuff all of game two, and just some really good playing from both teams for game three. On the flip side the DSL guys were very co-operative and understanding as we they had a few technical difficulties as well. I might post the third game demo. I'll post some SS's as soon as I retrieve them from the demo's. 

The OGL Q3 DM Open aR match has been canceled. I have challenged "Rocket Jockey's" and will post more info as I get it.

We have a Quake2 4v4 Open Challenge that I have scheduled for either This Thursday @ 9pm EST or Sunday @ 9 PM EST against IOD. As soon as they decide which day is better forthem I will update the page. If you wanna play in this match you need to join the ogl team. Please contact me in the channel for the join password.

Here's a shot of the box that [Time-b0t] runs on. Our man in the field...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 13th, 1999 1:51pm - Time2die -

*4.3 Quake server has been "fixed"

I have sent in an email to the Q3 OGL admin for the aR Q3 match we were supposed to have last night. We could have rescheduled but we had agreed on this date 5 days before. I sat in their channel an hour before hand and 30 minutes after the time of the match (or more actually). No one private messaged me and as of this morning I hadn't received any emails asking for a reschedule. We can't be expected to beg a clan to get their shit together when they have had every opportunity to work out the details of a match; rescheduling, forfeit, or other wise.

The admin went out of town this weekend and started 2 seti@home processes on the box. That's why the server was a bit "laggy" in terms of playing. I'm making a real push to put another linux box up on the 4.3 segment for us to play on in the next 7-10 days that will help us out in terms of performance. Speed's servers look to be back up in the next 7-10 days which will help. We also have the 12.5 server running Q2/Q3 servers as well. If you find a sever down...please email me so I can put it back up. I have updated the server page to reflect current servers.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 8th, 1999 10:58pm - Time2die -

The Q3 DM Open game has been finalized for this coming Sunday at 9pm EST. Glide found some groovy head phones. Look towards the bottom, 80$ plus shipping I believe. Here's some spec's for the new GeForce256 ripped off of this page.

Check out that page...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 7th, 1999 1:54pm - Time2die -

Arg!...the OGL web site was down this weekend and now we've been Challenged on the Q3 DM Open ladder. I have scheduled the match for either Sunday or Monday of next week at 9pm. I will update the page as soon as I know one way or another. The good news is one of the KI OGL Q2 DM 2v2 Open teams has a chance to take the 11th rung from DsL-1. I've also updated the "Scheduled" page to reflect the upcoming OGL matches. I'm going to make a real push at keeping that page and the results page up to date.

You might have noticed the sub pages using a lighter type font than the (really) dark gray I have been using. Well...finally changed the main page as well to help readability. Also archived everything up to Septembers updates. If you've ever questioned our legacy...just look at the archives.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) September 5th, 1999 8:27pm - Time2die -

Our first Q3 4v4 Open match wasn't met with much success. Needless to say it's time we tighten down and start getting serious about playing Q3. Here are the SS's from the game - <<Game one>> <<Game two>>. Not pretty. We're going to have to start practicing (...novel concept yes I know). I've posted my config for everyone to look at for ideas. <<Link>>. SO...practice tomorrow if you can make it as I know it's a holiday. I'm busy writing down some notes on some of the things that I've noticed so far in team play so that we can share some tips and play a little...rinse and repeat until desired effect is achieved.

Got some of the few pictures I took at the last FRAG scanned in. Picture one is from right to left Magnus, Hydro-Ax, Lostboy, and \dev\frag\. Picture two a goofy one of Killer_B and Smeg. And picture three is of Lostboy and Hydro-Ax. 

I would highly recommend setting your "r_gamma" to something other than 1. 1.5 is a good start (depending on your card).


date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) August 26th, 1999 11:27am - Time2die -

Posted on http://www.killerinstincts.com/

You know, one of the most important reasons why I stoped playing QW and NQ over a year ago, was because I could only find assholes online to play. It was impossible to find cool people to play the game. Everyone acted like total pricks, and the attitudes where just incredible. I was glad to leave that behind when I started playing Q2. Till this day I've always thought that Q2 was and is a game where more civilized people play. I mean don't get me wrong, there are f00ls out there, *cough*onslut*cough* in Q2, but it just seems to me and others that the level of respect in Q2 players was and is much better then Q1 players. So what am I getting at? Well, it seems that these idiots are coming back because of Q3, and resuming the lame shit that they used to do. Case in point, the clan that goes by the name KI (Killers Inc). Now they claim that we .ki. (note the difference?) are cheap because we stole their name, and proceded to insult us on our own channel, and banning us and out friends from their channel, just because "we stole their name". For FUCK
sakes people, are we in grade 5 here? Who the fuck cares if our clans initials happen to be the same? I mean, you guys wanted to play us for "the name" about 2 months ago, I was nice and said, nah no need lets just play. Now I wish I would have agreed because we totatlly owned you guys. Now you come into our channel telling us that we suck at Q3, when we have the first EVER q3 game tonight? give me a break. Grow up punks, get a life and get a haircut. Sorry for that people, but it had to be said. 

Are you finished? Well allow me to retort...Killers Inc. is an old school clan that has been around since December of 1997. We were created through the joining of three clans (EDK, E8, and a few nk dudes) and at the time were mainly playing QW and had just started toying with Quake2, which had been released that same month. Over the next year we slowly switched from being mainly a QW clan to being a Quake2 clan as the Q2 product matured and the Teamplay mods finally started to show some maturity (...sorry, Rancor sucked). We were at the time on the Gamesnet IRC network. Last year we moved around from Gamesnet to Gamenode (which had excellent services btw) to Gamesnet and finally to enterthegame all because of gamesnet's network uptime, support, and reliability issues.  So here we are, present day with Q3a emerging and Q2 fading. Not many people have heard of KI unless they were around during the QW days. The Quake2 crowd doesn't know us...how would they? There never was a tourney or an event that united the Q2 community in any way like there was in the QW community (the Genocide tourney and the weekly tourneys like TNQL). An even tho we're in the OGL ladder system...OGL isn't very efficient in it's forfeit to actually playing ratio (on one ladder we had 10 forfeit wins to 2 actually played games) ...so no, we're unknowns. But as a clan we have stood the test of time. Killers Incorporated has a dedicated group of people who like to learn and play together...and we're not going anywhere. If someone in this clan was behaving on a level lower than the one you're used to dealing with...your just as guilty by lowering yourself to their level and posting what you did on your web page before getting the facts. We're not some QW clan that just started playing Q3. We're a gaming clan that has played QW and Quake2 in the past and are moving on to Quake3. 

I've heard a few different stories about what happened last night and I've read the logs. The fingers could be pointed either way as to who was at fault...but the past is past and I hope that in future interactions we can just put that behind us and have some fun playing together.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) August 25th, 1999 5:02pm - Time2die -

Few things worth noting. OGL...eek eek. 90% work for about 10% play time. We currently have the following teams created.

The server scene is a little shaky right now with the moving around of servers at Speeds place of business. The beloved Q2 servers are down ( as well as a few other 208 servers. The 4.3 server is a little straped for RAM right now...but has 3 servers on it. Check the servers page for an updated list of current reliablely UP servers. 

Also...here are a few "quick links" to the OGL rule book that apply to most of the ogl ladders...

Also looking linto a Q3stat program that would compile player stats nightly and dump it to a html file. Here's the page...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) August 12th, 1999 5:02pm - Time2die -

Would like to welcome Lostboy to the clan. Lostboy joins our HPB team. I have also reconfigured the Q3 servers a little bit...the FFA server now has a 20 minute timelimit (from 15) and a 50 fraglimit (from 25). I also lowered the max clients from 16 to 12 on the FFA server. I'm also thinking about doing a map rotation of q3test1 - q3test2 - q3test1 - q3tourney looping. We've also added a private q3 TP server...it isn't password protected but will be if we start having troubles.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) August 11th, 1999 3:42pm - Time2die -

Big thanks go out to Noogman for putting up a second server to help off load the Q2 Servers and to Speed for letting us park our servers on his ISP's network. These guys work very hard in trying to keep a high level of perfomance and quality at both the network and server level. The days of just putting a quake server up and walking away are long gone with CPU and resource mega hogs like Q3a. 

Server Tidbits...when the Q3 server has about 20 folks on it...the CPU averages about 60-80% constant utilization. Our little 2v2 Q2 game last night on the server didn't spike the CPU to more than 15% at any given time (yea!). I have updated the server page to reflect the current servers up. Still waiting on a linux 1.08 Q3test. I use NT's performance monitor to monitor the servers, checking CPU Utilization and and memory pages per/sec. High amounts of memory paging is a tell tell sign of either too little RAM or too many users. Here are the new Q2 server IP's

KI Tag-n-Frag (Tourney) - 27910 
KI Insta-Giblet Dinner - 27911

The level change problem on the Q2 server has been fixed. The level ztn2dm3 was reported as available and the map was in the correct place...the problem was that the server was expecting a lower case file name and the file name was in upper...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) August 10th, 1999 7:22am - Time2die -

By the time I write this KY will probably be back up...but here are the ETG servers that are up and their ip's. The DNS server for ETG is down as well as the KY server (which is the dns server...go figure).


A complete list of these servers can be found on the "Info" page. Just do a "/server ipnumber" to connect to the server...I know TX is up as I'm sitting on it.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) August 3rd, 1999 3:53pm - Time2die -

Here's a local copy of the new Q3test 1.08. Course the cool thing with this release of course is the added model (as well as a bunch of other tweaks and fixes). Maybe they finally fixed the mouse tracking in NT and I can dump 98 (again...hehe). 

In case you missed the link off of Blues...here's that rather large LAN party shot that was posted. I resized it as it looked to be "stretched" a bit from the original size.

Server: I've put a 1v1 Q3 server on Probably change it over to a straight TP server in a few days. The 4.3 server is down as I haven't been able to grab the latest 1.08 for linux (if it's even out there) yet. I've also made the Q2 servers on the 208 box public. If anyone has any bright idea's for good server names...please email me with a clue.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) July 30th, 1999 10:33am - Time2die -

Another OGL disaster. Would like to extend a real big thank you to "Bitch Krew" who instead of pushing the point of playing on their server where the pings would have been lopsided instead played on a server that was only stable 70-80% of the match but the pings were more equal. When I say unstable...I mean that at some points EVERYONE was getting "Phone Jacked". And that's why we played on it as it was the only server open that we all pinged in the same range. As you would think...Bitch Krew was west coast.

With that said...Killer_B and Myself won both games. We were supposed to play Q2dm1 and Ztn2dm3 ("The Rage' for all you trivia fans) but the server didn't have the second map so we replayed Q2dm1 a second time. These weren't your usual Team FFA matches...we had control of the level for the majority of the time in both games. In the second game Bitch Krew attempts a really nice "Take Back" maneuver by grabbing railguns and hanging in the underground tunnel where they try as a team to take us both down. Nice team work. Here are the SS's and Demo's from my POV. I would like to note that this match was supposed to start @ 10pm but got pushed back with DSL problems on their side and then us trying to find a server. We didn't finish playing till 12:45am. We spent at least an hour trying to find a server.

Game 1 Screenshot - Demo
Game 2 Screenshot - Demo

OGL...for all those that wanna get a little more active please go to the OGL page and create an account. It doesn't have to be KI|Somename. Glide and I are in there as just our nicks (looks nicer when viewing the roster). The way the OGL ladders has COMPLETELY changed so if you've been in OGL before...you'll have to read up on the rules and how everything works (again). It is to your benefit to read the rules so you know what's inside and outside of the rules in terms of picking servers, maps, and what to do when everything goes wrong. 

I've created a Q3 2v2 team with Glide and myself as the players. If anyone wants to create another team please see either glide or myself on how. You have to have an account with OGL to be on the team. I'd love to get everyone that's active together either next Tuesday or Wednesday to discuss things (OGL, practice, schedules, and misc). I'll post something this weekend as to which day.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) July 27th, 1999 2:23pm - Time2die -

Demo's are still rolling in from the FRAG. Here's a link to the page (with pictures) from the people who threw it. If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll see a little surprise. I took all my pictures with a non-digital camera so it'll be a few days till I get the pictures developed. Gonna pop the demo's and SS's together onto a page tonight. 

During the process of tweaking my TNT2 (for Quake2) I came across a few tips. Setting your cl_maxfps to 999 actually slows you down in game play. You "seem" to walk slower. At 70 or 90 moving around seems faster. Coming up from the water beside the rail is a good spot to test this as I felt all weekend that the water felt like sludge. Tip number 2 was that increasing the "gl_modulate" to a value of 3 (or higher) instead of lowering the "vid_gamma" actually allows you to "see" the dark area's of the map and brightness in general better. I also found that I actually got a couple of frames extra if I turned 8bit textures OFF. Tip number 3 was something I used this weekend. If you have a USB mouse, you don't need m_filter anymore as it seems not to have any effect and supposedly your shots/aim aren't lagged in net games.  So to summarize:

TNT2 & Quake2 Default Previously Current
vid_gamma  1 .7 1
gl_modulate  1 2.3 3
intensity 2 2 2

These are the 3 values that will change your brightness in GL. Results will vary with different monitor settings (brightness of the tube/contrast settings/etc.

Ok...sorry about the misspellings from yesterday. There really is no excuse as this Frontpage2k is a lot like Word97 in that it shows you the misspelled words as you go.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) July 25th, 1999 10:45pm - Time2die -

Little mega update. Went to the FRAG yesterday with Hydro-Ax, Lostboy, Smeg, Killer-B, and Magnus. Some other folks that frequent the channel that were there: \dev\frag, N8-Dawg, and Icehouse. We had a ton of fun playing...played and placed first in the 1v1 competition. H20 took 3rd. It started out as 3 FFA's and sifted down to 8 players. Magnus and N8_Dawg unfortunately didn't make it...FFA is such a crap shot. I did my first 4 games on q2dm3 only loosing once which sent me into a second game (q2dm1) to win the 1v1 tourney. Funny thing is we flipped a corn 4 times to decide the level and it was tails (q2dm3) all three times all 4 times...strange. O well. I won the last game on q2dm1 with a commanding performance over Zero|Thred who was the only person to beat me on dm3 with his hit and hide tactics (but only before losing previous game 16 / -1 ). Everyone was very sporting considering that there were 4-5 others that could have taken the top spot. The rail arena stuff was fun...as was the FFA. Didn't do much q3 as we had some q2'ers that seemed happy to play q2 (duh). We had 3-4 dudes playing Q1 TF (HAHA) and about 8 tribes players.

Here are some tweaks I've used to get my TNT2 going (and going and going). A problem I had with Q2 Tourney MOD was that it wasn't making a "scrnshot" dir and was crashing every time I was trying to grab an SS. I don't know how many driver changes I went through before figuring that one out (thanks to my QW experience with the same f*cking bug). I don't get many more frames turning multitexture on but here's the registry setting you have to add. By playing in 32-bit mode it is automatically turned on. Here's the paragraph straight from the Tweak 3D page:

Turning on Multitexturing - In your registry, go to the directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Riva TNT\OpenGL\ and make the DWORD Value ForceMultiTexture (capitalization matters). You can change its values to 1 or 0. Setting this to 1 will enable SGIS multitexturing, and setting this value to 0 will disable it. On most systems, this will give a speed boost in OpenGL games that are played in 16-bit. But on others (possibly those that are SS7?), it causes a big performance hit. I recommend that you run benchmarks with both settings to determine whether it has helped you or not. It's worth investigating as it can help your frame rate by a good 10 FPS, if it works in your favor. This is enabled by default in 32-bit regardless of the registry key.

Here's a Quake2 autoexec.cfg maker. This util will set your cache settings in Win9X. It helped even out my "jerky" timedemo's. Lot's of folks love this util but mine's expired. MEMturbo. This little util will set your TNT/TNT2 clock speed...nifty as hell.

Uploading the Demo's now...Here's the dir till I create the LAN page...

ETG went away for like 30 minutes tonight...their DNS server bit the dust. So I'm gonna add the server names and IP address's to the "Clan Info->Info" section in hopes of preventing down time...as you never know how long something like that can be down.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) July 9th, 1999 3:19pm - Time2die -

Had some problems with the KI server...should be working a little better now. I've switched the Team play mod over to "OSP  Tourney 2.5". I haven't tested this 100%...but with the help of some volunteers tonight we should be able to work out any bugs that pop up in the config. A setting that I would like to hear some feed back on is whether "Spawn Farthest" setting is a valid setting or whether it makes the spawn point too predictable. Also, any map selections for the Rail server would be appreciated greatly as well. Last thing...if anyone can think of a better name for the comp server...please private message me in IRC as I think the current one isn't cutting the mustard.

Rail Server - KI Cycle Sluts (Tourney 2.5) 
Tourney Comp Server - KI Insta-Giblet Dinner

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) July 6th, 1999 4:48pm - Time2die -

Updated the KI Servers page with the new ip of the KI server (Q3test / Q2 GXMOD / Q2Rail ). Would like to thank Noogman and Speed for the help in getting this server put together and up on the net. Also put Magnus's bio page up with a pic he sent me...

Chanserv. There are 2 types of admins on ETG. IRCOPS that control the servers and Chanserv Admins that control you guessed it...chanserv. To make a long story short...a chanserv admin forced the issue and we now have chanserv in both channels. Sucks...

Just for kicks and giggles...I'll be releasing my very own mIRC script in the next month or so. It'll just be a combination of some really nice "mini-scripts" that I use to monitor the irc network and auto-op/protect the channel. It'll be a plain jane mIRC client...but it'll also have many features that you won't really appreciate until you use it for a bit. I've also made some serious changes to TB...transparent sorta. Mostly maintenance stuff...but will tie into the client I release like a charm. I'll also be releasing the popups.ini for those that don't wanna change clients but  still wanna control the bot. The old popup commands that I released a while ago have been disabled...that's why they don't seem to work...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) July 5th, 1999 4:17pm - Time2die -

Made a few additions to the page...added my TNT2 benchmarks with the latest Hercules drivers. They're about the same as my Voodoo2 SLI rig was pulling except at the higher resolutions. The problem with the TNT2 drivers seemed to be in systems that also had SB Lives installed...whether that's the cause of my constant crash is unknown. But with these drivers I haven't crashed Q2 yet. Added my lastest Q2 config to configs...just a clened up version with the addition of a "m_yaw" setting (thx Raider...hehe).

Since my connect isn't in yet (AKA dialup), I've been messing around with bots to get my deathmatch fix. Here's a good page with all of the mainstream bots listed. On Grovahs recommendation I tried out the Gladiator Bot which with the Gladiator! front end was a breeze to setup.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) June 24th, 1999 3:34pm - Time2die -

Guess it's a feel good Thursday update...Sony has a REALLY cool set of goggles that simulate a 52 inch monitor <<Link>>. Microsoft has a new line of keyboards coming out in October. And with that I'm out till late Sunday night...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) June 19th, 1999 5:47pm - Time2die -

The new recruit form now emails everyone with a @killersinc.com email alias. If you wanna email the clan...just email kiteam@killersinc.com. If you don't have an email address or can't remember what you have it forwarding to...just email me. Also check out Stingray's new pic's on the Killco page...smooth.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) June 17th, 1999 9:12am - Time2die -

Would like to welcome Magnus into the clan. Voodoo2 users...I haven't tested this myself but the new mini-gl driver from Creative is supposed to be the thing to have for running Q3test. Here's an interesting article with screenshots showing the improvements. If you haven't heard....DIVX is dead

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) June 16th, 1999 11:21pm - Time2die -

I've made a MAJOR update to the structure of the KI page (duh). The restructure was due to limitations with the old web design in adding new information (like configs, tweaks, and servers) and lacked a consistent interface between the different pages. I'm working like a mad dog but the battles section is still just blank and the configs and benchmark area's need updating with current data. Now...what has been done is a newly re organized "Links" section, a "Files" section (that still needs more files ubt is at least started), the clan info and recruit pages have been updated with Q3arena data and QuakeWorld references (sniff sniff) have been removed. Probably in the next month I'm gonna restore the little punisher dude that sat behind the "mouseovers" of the old page. I just didn't have the time to do the graphics...that and I lost the original due to a Hard drive failure I had last year.

Misc ramblings about the page...I've been able to shrink the total area that was used for the left menu (200 pixels to 150) and it should be a little more 800x600 friendly. Please check the config's page for Killer_B's Strategy on Q2dm1 as it's VERY good. It is password protected...just use the private forums user/password. The KI page should be completely up and running by the end of the weekend.

Practices...not sure what everyone's opinions on this is. Right now we have both an active Q2 and a Q3 team that want to practice. Some of us are on both teams. I think the solution to this is probably to have everyone interested in practicing Q3 to show up at 9pm on Wednesdays and then at 10 or when the Q3 practice is over let the Q2 team practice. Check the Private Forus for a further discussion.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) June 8th, 1999 9:36pm - Time2die -

Here are Wild's Pictures from the LAN as well as the permanent spot for the pictures. Also...check out the Pak files we used. The first one is basically the same as the original pak8 file I put up last week. The second one is a cool little pointer Vandal was using that we all adopted. I'd just remove the pak8 and install these in it's place. Unpack the pak file in not needed if you haven't done so already. Also...if you leave the pak8 in, you won't get the cool little crosshair...which is more accurate than the pak8 one.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) June 7th, 1999 9:48am - Time2die -

Man o Man...what a blast. Would like to thank all those that attended and helped make Noog's and Wild's LAN party one of the best LAN parties KI has had yet. Would like to thank Wild and Noog for hosting, Lonka for bringing the extra tables and networking stuff, Glide (Atlanta) and Grover (Boston) for making the long trek to attend (as well as everyone else that had to drive a ways to get here), Timer for bringing the networking stuff and the server, and everyone that showed up and had a good time. We played everything from QWCA to Q2 Rail Arena to Q3test FFA and team games (15 second respond time on the weapons seemed to work for the TP games). Wild, Vertigo, and Smeg both took a buncha of pictures. The below links are the pictures Vert and Smeg took...I should have the ones Wild took Monday. Since we had SOOOO many, I split them into sub pages for easier viewing...I've linked the pages together tho for easier viewing.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 31st, 1999 11:59am - Time2die -

Killers_B and myself won our first OGL. Post the SS"s and Demo's tomorrow as my SS of the first match corrupt (damn miniGL drivers). Also...I downloaded the q3q2dm1 map and created a pak file for easier consumption (The maps are q3q2dm1 and q3q2dm1b). If you haven't already downloaded the "KI Pak8" for the q3test...shame on you! I've ported the console background to 1024x768 BMP for wallpaper. Not 100% up to par but still a nice background.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 25th, 1999 12:37am - Time2die -

Would like to welcome Killer_B and Grover into KI. Killer_B will be adding to the LPB team and Grover will be joining our HPB team. Gonna start trying to do some team practices on Wednesday nights (9pm). Everyones cooperation in trying to get things organized will make our practices more productive (read:stop killing and listen when it's time to get organized).

I've done a little "touch up" job on the members section. I've dropped "glquake player" and "preferred servers" from the bios as q3a requires 3d acceleration making that section moot and the preferred server section is impossible to keep up to date. I've also added a default graphic for those without a custom members graphic.

Here's my q3 config...it's far from being complete but it's a step in the right direction. It already has a few "bone head" team binds. Please watch this config as it has a "unbindall" statement at the beginning of the script...just download and stick in your baseq3 dir as autoexec.cfg.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 23rd, 1999 11:06pm - Time2die -

I have modified the "pak7" that's been making it's way around that cuts the Rocket smoke down to playable levels and makes the q3test hud transparent. What I have added:

Here's Mindfazr's page...check it out if you haven't already. Here's the KI "pak8"...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 21st, 1999 9:31pm - Time2die -

Trying to get the servers stable...here is the KI server list... 27960 Killers Inc Q3a #1 (Note IP/Port change) 27960 Killers Inc Q3a #2 (Same) 27961 Killers Inc Q3a #3 (Note Port Change)

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 18th, 1999 5:05pm - Time2die -

The deal with the KI servers...we have 3 KI Q3test servers up on 3 different networks (in which we have admin/rcon to). 2 of those three only come up at 5pm (or so) and go down at 6am (or so) because they're located at businesses that don't want quake servers disrupting their network traffic during business hours. Which is fine as most of us don't have an opportunity to play because of work. One of the servers is currently down due to a GTE network problem but should be back up shortly. Here are the servers... 27961 Killers Inc Q3a #1 27960 Killers Inc Q3a #2 27960 Killers Inc Q3a #3

Here's a little KI Logo...

While looking for some script ideas I stumbled across this web site (using Blues q3 tips page) - Mad Dog CFG. The Alias section is quiet nice. The page also recommends the following rail config...

set cg_railtrailtime 1000
set r_railsegmentlength 10
set r_railcorewidth 1
set r_railwidth 32

For those using 3dfx...I recommend using the following command line "quake3 + set r_glDriver 3dfxvgl" This basically sets the 3d card to VooDoo Graphics instead of OpenGL. I would discourage the renaming of the 3dfx dll's to opengl32.dll as it seems to crash my machine in between map changes.

32 Bit Color (Saw this on Blues) - If you're having trouble getting Q3Test to run in 32 bit color, check your desktop resolution.
Switching to 32 bit color should work. Note that this only works on cards that actually support 32 bit color (those being the ATI Rage 128, RIVA TNT, TNT2, S3 Savage 3, and Matrox G200 based cards).

Here's the link to the Q3test 3dfx compatible Drivers.

Please check the private forums. I know that this information is repeated all over the Net...but it also serves as a place I can come back quickly and find a link or command/switch/tweak to help someone. I will have a server list up tonight of the KI servers and ports.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 17th, 1999 12:45am - Time2die -

Slacker == $me. Take a look at these screenshots of the KI skin Mindfazr is working on. I used one to redo the graphic in the top left corner...btw, these were done in 32bit color off a TNT.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 12th, 1999 7:26pm - Time2die -

q3test Info Dump:

This is something I figured out trying to get scripts to run...

Rename demoq3 to baseq3 and it should work

Also try in_mouse 1=normal 2=dinput and 3=dinput with averaging (which what I used to fix my mouse problems in NT4) Do a in_restart for the change to take effect. Thanks Mindfazr...

If you're having trouble getting Q3Test to run in 32 bit color, check your desktop resolution. Switching to 32 bit
color should work. Note that this only works on cards that actually support 32 bit color (those being the ATI
Rage 128, Riva TNT, TNT2, S3 Savage 3, and Matrox G200 based cards).

Go into Quake3, then open up the system configuration, in the preferences, make sure that Sync every frame is disabled. That's just V-Sync, which we all know can slow you down. Also, set the Sky to High speed instead of high quality. Lightmap (it's faster)

// Rail Rainbow
// ============
set rail0 "color 0; set rrail vstr rail1"
set rail1 "color 1; set rrail vstr rail2"
set rail2 "color 2; set rrail vstr rail3"
set rail3 "color 3; set rrail vstr rail4"
set rail4 "color 4; set rrail vstr rail5"
set rail5 "color 5; set rrail vstr rail6"
set rail6 "color 6; set rrail vstr rail0"
vstr rail0
set rrail vstr rail0
bind x "weapon 7; vstr rrail"

(ripped from sCary's)
team s = spectator mode!
cg_drawfps = show your framerate
r_railcorewidth , r_railsegmentlength , cg_railtrailtime = all visible railgun graphic adjusments.
cg_gibs = turn on or off gibs
cg_bobroll , cg_bobup = client view (not player) bouncing and rolling adjustments
cg_gun = turn the weapon model on or off
crosshairhealth = crosshair changes color to reflect your health (on or off)
r_dynamiclighting = dynamic lights. turn them off for a nice framerate improvement

Some of mine...
cg_railTrailTime 1000
r_railWidth 64
cg_noplayeranims 1
cg_animspeed 0
cg_gun 0

Look for some config's by the of the week from various places...I'm workong on mine. Still trying to get the TNT/v2 tweaked (turn off shadows and dynamic lighting already!) as well as the weapon configs. Also working on a new crosshair. Try a fov of 100 or 110 and/or turning the weapon animations off so not to get distracted during game play. Wish id would fix the HUD and score board as it's still f*cked. Things I'd like to see...Player name, score, model\skin, ping, and pl. Things I don't care about...some pretty little model\skin head with only enough room to display 8 or so players. I can see it now on some 16 player game of CTF. Who's thinking this sh*t out? Jeez...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 11th, 1999 11:01pm - Time2die -

q3test is out for Win32 (duh)...here are a few mirrors that have proved worthy...


Here's the q3test cvarlist...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 9th, 1999 11:16pm - Time2die -

With a little help from my Linux friend (Vastator) I was able to get the q3test for linux up and going finally. Pretty much just installed Redhat 6.0 from an ISO, installed the linux glide drivers, and ran the test. I ran it on a couple of v2's but who knows if it's even taking advantage of the second card. To turn off vsync you have to issue the following command in the console (linux not q3a console) "export fx_glide_swapinterval=0". Since the q3test for win32's will hopefully be out Monday I'll keep my comment brief and will keep in mind the less than stellar voodoo2 support and low mouse sampling rate I had (28hz...eek!) as there is a new client command to show you (cl_showmouserate). Actually...there's a show frames one to..but I forgot to look for it (doh!). The graphics are killer...even in 16-bit color ( I had it set to compression...you'll see).  While playing the linux version (1.03) the lag felt a lot like the IHV (which I hope they fix) but it was something I could get used to, the rl could be a little more powerful (aka take more health), the rail seemed useless at any ping (wtf is up with that thing?), no grenades, bfg, or lighting gun, but the second map is a f*cking blast! The first map feels like base32 or death32c with it's sprawling rooms and lack of a central theme...just one room connectect to another.  I think that like all of id's releases...the first iteration is gonna be rough but everything should smooth out.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 6th, 1999 5:43pm - Time2die -

Going outta town and will be back Sunday...here's something for those that use mIRC for your IRC client to play with. <<Lagdisplay2.zip>> Unzip that into your mirc directory (C:\mirc) and type into the console "/load -rs LagDisplay.mrc". Then right click into the channel window and turn the little bugger on (should be at the bottom of your menu). It has an alarm set at 60 seconds that will alert you to adverse lag conditions. Enjoy!...g0d I hope qtest3 doesn't come out while I'm gone ;>

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) May 4th, 1999 11:27pm - Time2die -

Mindfazr, the graphics p1mp, has whipped up some sweet ass Q3a graphics. Check it out here...

...also, Bellsouth finally fixed my ADSL. (<KI|Time2Die>sets #ADSL mode: -bitch)

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) April 30th, 1999 2:12pm - Time2die -

Another edition of Feel good Friday update...don't know what this is, but it's a kickass look wallpaper pic. Not sure what this is...Hmm. Not to make light of the tragedy in Colorado...but here's a sorta funny banner.   Also...saw this pic from Zoid of "Fun-Names" in the Q3test. Here's also a kickass shot of the Visor model with an RL.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) April 26th, 1999 6:06pm - Time2die -

This is my slightly enhanced version pak file for Quake2 (makes it a little more fun to play). Here's the list of stuff that's been added:

Also...realized that I'd been running a non-tweaked Quake2 in terms of graphics quality...here are my autoexec.cfg's for TNT and Voodoo2.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) April 23rd, 1999 9:54am - Time2die -

Feel good Friday update...Sound Blaster has updated their sound drivers (Everything but the "Live" boards) for Win9x/NT. From "The Registry" I snag'd a link that shows the Intel CPU roadmap in terms of prices. I'm gonna be looking out for one of these little Q2 toys...this time around the male and female both come with a railgun (Wee!). Take a look at the male figure...is that Grov3r? If you've had your head in the sand...here's the new MS Mouse coming out. Here is another graph from a TNT2 review at different CPU speeds, resolution, and bit-depth while running Crusher.dm2.  And for all you ztn2dm2 and 3 lovers...he has his own page now...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) April 20th, 1999 10:39pm - Time2die -

Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead. Well...the one thing holding us back from switching to ETG finally was overcome as a bunch of clans we're friends with switched irc networks (Gamesnet to Enterthegame). Here are the servers...notice that ETG offers multiple ports (which are multiple instances of the IRC daemon running on the same box). Sometimes you get a better connect off a non-default port. For pure fun...checkout #dr as they had over 120+ folks in there tonight...



Ports 6666-6668 on most servers

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) April 20th, 1999 12:20am - Time2die -

Well...DC-CON6 has dicked me again in lowing their attendence level from 350 to 150.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) April 13th, 1999 11:07am - Time2die -

Believe it or not...we're not dead. Actually been working on some new sub-KI pages and will probably tie them together this week into a new web page. Check out the LAN page as well as the new #killco IRC page with "Real-life" pictures of some of the folks that hang in our IRC channel. Also working on a Demo page with some more memorable demo's of games past (it's under heavy construction tho...).

DC-CON6...Some guys from the LAN even "The FRAG" as well as a few KI folks are going...are you? The button up above works...drop me some email for details...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 28th, 1999 10:47pm - Time2die -

LAN party weekend for myself, Hydro-Ax, and Smeg. Did a small LAN gathering over at a friends house on Friday and then another Saturday at the "FRAG" which was a pretty cool 50-60 person PAN party. At the FRAG this time around instead of a 1v1 tourney they had a 2v2 tourney in which Hydro and myself participated in with mixed results. First games was against bsd|count and kosmos with a 22-52 loss <<Demo>>. The second game in the loser bracket (double elimination) we won 105-8 <<Demo2>>. And in the third we lost in a real heart breaker of a match 25-31 <<demo3>>. The tourney was well run with the 2 maps being ztn2dm3 and evil2 (which neither hydro or myself had ever seen). The second and third matches are pretty fun to watch...here are the 2 maps if anyone needs them. ztn2dm3 & evil2. In the next day or so I'll be posting some pictures as well as some SS's and more demo's from the LAN.

I chatted with the fellow that put the FRAG together about plans for future LAN parties and he discussed the possibilities of having a multiple day event in which we agreed that having one would differently draw more people from outside the local area.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 23rd, 1999 8:41am - Time2die -

Welp...guess it's back to Gamesnet. Here are a list of current (as of this morning) Gamesnet servers...

ca.gamesnet.net (West)
west.gamesnet.net (West)
ma.gamesnet.net (Massachusetts - East)
ga.gamesnet.net (Georgia - East)

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 17th, 1999 10:34am - Time2die -

OGL fun indeed. We're now 4-1, but we've only played 2 teams with a 1-1 record of teams actually play. Last night was a forfiet that was recorded as a win (how nice). We've moved up 27 rings in the latter and have only played 2 matches. Note that the teams in the top 50 look to actually be some pretty tough clans so it looks like we might actually have some good match ups coming soon. Here's a good one...I started my 1v1 Open career at ring 212. I've only played one game and had 4 forfeits and have somehow moved up to ring 112...and I just challenged someone 30 rings ahead of me! Jeez...it looks that with ogl, you gotta sort through a lotta llama's. I rarely find a Quake2 clan page that doesn't have the OGL banner...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 16th, 1999 3:01pm - Time2die -

I guess it's time to decide on which IRC network to reside on as it looks as tho Gamenode is doomed with stagnate growth (we're one of the largest channels on the network). We're gonna take a vote/Poll as to which Gaming network to call home. The 2 choices being going back to gamesnet and the second one being to move to Enterthegame (ETG). Please either email or private message me your vote/opinion. Please check the KI Private forum for my 2 cents on the issue...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 13th, 1999 9:44pm - Time2die -

Would like to welcome Prime into the ranks as our new KI HPB. I've edited the members page a little. If you feel there's been a change in either your status and your personal info, please drop me a line.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 9th, 1999 10:48pm - Time2die -

Our forth OGL was a loss at 1-2. A valiant effort by all. Here are the demo's from my POV. <<Game-1>> <<Game-2>> <<Game-3>>. As we play more matches as a clan and learn from our past matches,  like this past one, things will come a little easier. Thanks go out to Apoc and Hydro.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 4th, 1999 11:13pm - Time2die -

Our 2v2 OGL team won their 3rd challenge tonight 2-0 over clan Deus Lorican (which means god's knights?). The hardest part of this match was getting a server everyone could deal with. We decided to each pickone. There was some confusion and overall BS but unlike that over tape from Blockbuster that's sitting on your kitchen table...you can't rewind time. Over the weekend I'll finish revamping the battles section to include some OGL stuff. Here are my demo's from the game. <<Demo1>> <<Demo2>> First one was a -50ms ping. The second was a 130 with TONS of pl.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 24th, 1999 6:19pm - Time2die -

Here's some wallpaper I made <<Link>>. There are 3 variations. Washed out (For dark monitors), Ultra Bright (For my NEC that's sorta washed out), and Blue. Probably make another update tonight after our OGL 2v2 match.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 23rd, 1999 6:40pm - Time2die -

Take a look at our "Recruit Sign-up Form" as I have re-written it a bit (and I'm sure you wanna find all the spelling and grammar error's). I've gotten Hydro-Ax's new TNT benchmarks and will be adding them to mine on t2d's config page. Here's the quick and dirty, I'll post my TNT scores and configs as well as his tomorrow.

demo2.dm2 crusher.dm2
512x384 82.7 fps
640x480 79.2 fps
800x600 61.9 fps
1024x768 40.8 fps
512x384 52.8 FPS
640x480 52.2 FPS
800x600 45.4 FPS
1024x768 31.5 FPS

These benchmark's are using a 300a OC'd to 450. H20 also passes on these two links for TNT info (that I'll be looking at later). Viper 3D & Riva eXtreme.

If you haven't checked out the QIL2 demo's...you have to check out this one! "Pure" in game one....this is the MOST see QW demo from hell. I don't know how this dude moves like he does...since he has a 120 ping...but it's pretty fly. To see scores while playing the demo, bind a key to ctrl using +showscores.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 22nd, 1999 12:16pm - Time2die -

Our 2v2 OGL match never happened as the team we were to play had to forfeit because of a personal emergency. The 2v2 team has been challenged and I have asked to play either Wednesday or Thursday at 9pm EST. I also have been challenged in the 1v1 open and will be trying to play either Wednesday or Thursday at 10pm EST. Hopefully these matches will actually transpire and I'll post some SS's and demo's.    (Which sadly enough will be the first official match results for KI in many months). I also have found out that we can only have 2 people on the 2v2 roster. I'm sure tho that any clan we play will allow us to field another player instead of a forfeit (I hope).

A cool site that has moved and had a design upgrade is FPS-Spectator. This site is nifty in it's PGL coverage and demo links and Q2 config's. Gotten some really kick demo's off of that site that only make me wanna hone my skillz even further and compete even more.

The QW tourney QIL2 is over with r3v beating out VS in 2 games. There are numorous demo's on the page that I'm sure are gonna be very tasty to watch.

I have recently purchased a TNT card to screw around with for a second machine I have at "Time's Love Shack". Been using the Tweak3d pages to help get this card going. It has a pretty cool page for putting together a TNT config on the fly. <<Link>> If anyone has some kickass links for the Riva TNT's for tweaking...please send them my way ( time2die@killersinc.com ). I will be posting some benchmarks Hydro and I have been getting to compare different p2 chip speeds (266 and 450) and different config setups.

The Frag/Gathering LAN party is gearing up for another installation on March 27th. Space is limited tho (70 folks) and registration hasn't opened yet. This has the potential to become a real regular Triangle Frag Fest if they can find a larger space to host it (as well as some folks to help in organizing it).

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 17th, 1999 11:44am - Time2die -

OGL News. I have created a 2v2 DM OPEN OGL team in the Killers Inc name for OGL. The roster so far is Hydro-Ax, Rasta, Apoc, and Time2Die. Only folks on the roster can play in the OGL matches and we can add as many people to the roster (as needed). If you're interesting in playing and feel left out email me. My first OGL match resulted in a forfeit by the other guy. The team we challenged for the 2v2 is in day 2 outta 3 and will result in a forfeit if they don't respond by tomorrow. I think OGL will have some challenging games ahead...we just gotta sift through the llama's.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 9th, 1999 11:21pm - Time2die -

Couple of cool things. There is yet another Gaming IRC network going called "Enter the Game" (ETG). I checked it out a little bit and saw that it's mostly Quake2 clans that are in OGL (Bushido, Atomic punks, UnltraViolence). 3 networks...great. There's a new Sonique out with some cool features. Sonique is an mp3 whose user interface is a lot easier to use than WinAMP's (IMHO).

Now, about the OGL. OGL is a ladder based Quake2 tourney that has both modem and open brackets for Q2 DM 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 as well as RA2 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 ladders. For all those that are tired of hanging around doing nothing, signup for the 1v1, grab a buddy for the 2v2, and if we can get at least 6 folks will we can sign up for the team action. OGL has been out for a while and I know Q3A is just around the corner...but I think everyone feels the need to compete as a clan in something.

In keeping with that, I found a cool page called FPS spectator that has some PGL demo's posted as well as some play by play commentary. It also has the config files of some of the PGL Q2 players (Immy and a|revelation) to name two that are pretty interesting. The guys running the site seems pretty dedicated to updating frequently so this could be a good source for news, demo's, and configs.(I personally like a|revelation's team macro's).

Buncha folks have been getting 300a's so I thought I'd mess around with my GL config a little. I borrowing heavily from 3fingers config and increased my timedemo's in Quake2 by about 15-17fps. Surprisingly enough, I ran a whole batch of timedemo's in Windows98 with the latest 6.1 DX drivers and the latest mini-glide and 3dfx reference drivers for the v2's and found that they were about 1 FPS below what I scored in NT. I had to disable sound for them as the soundblaster16 I have was lagging the scores by about 4-5 FPS. Here's the page...Time2Die's Over Clocking Hardware & Quake benchmarks page thingy...

I put together a Gamespy tab to filter for the Battleground and GXmod servers. Here's Anandtech's Celery report for those that missed it.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 8th, 1999 11:54am - Time2die -

Feeling the need to compete. I've signed up for the OGL 1v1 OPEN ladder. If anyone's interested in either doing the Q2 DM Open ladder or the 2v2 OPEN ladder, drop me a line cause I'm tired of sitting around. Online Gaming League Homepage. Also, practice is tonight and I don't care who shows up or what we play as long as at 9pm something gets started. QW/Q2/HL/TRIBES/Whatever. My connect has me at a MLPB, but that should be getting fixed in the next 2 weeks. If anyone joins the OGL, drop me a line and I'll post your scores/info onto the page with any SS's or demo's you might have. In case you missed it, here's Anand's Celery Report. For those digging TRIBES, checkout PlanetStarSiege.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 31st, 1999 10:47pm - Time2die -

Hydro and myself participated in a LAN party this last Saturday and had some fun playing some Q2. There were about 57 folks that showed up and played. Got involved in a 1v1 tourney at the party that lasted about 4 hours in total (Jeez) but got some great demo's and playing out of it. The organization of the LAN party was very nice and the attitude of everyone attending was positive. Took the demo's I made and the ones Hydro did and put a page together. <<Link>> Had a lot of fun and actually won 8$ for taking 2nd place on the 1v1 contest. 24 folks entered at $1 a person. 1st place took 2/3 of the pot and 2nd took 1/3. I would HIGHLY recommend downloading and using Demoplay if you haven't already. It allows for easy demo reviewing...

After my latest success with spelling...I have re-discovered the spell checker...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 31st, 1999 3:15am - Glide -

Welp, I have risen from the dead... connection that is.  My BellSouth ADSL is installed and working beautifully.  Once I get my travel straighten out, I should be available hopefully Thursday nights through Sunday nights. 

I'm probably spoiling the good stuff before Time has a chance, but it was cool so I couldn't resist.  A big congratulations to Time2Die and Hydro for placing 2nd and 3rd (out of 50+ participants) in a Q2 LAN Party in Raleigh.  I think Time plans to post more info/demos later. 

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 29th, 1999 7:36am - Time2Die -

Opps, misspelled "Incorporated" in the wallpaper below. I think most like the blue one so I "fixed" that one and re-posted it. << Link >> I have also been fooling around with the KI web page menu and a Java applet with VERY mixed results. Please take a look at it and either email me or post something in the Private forums. << Java link >> And for all you folks that are keen to my web mistakes...I had the wrong year for the January posts (And no body called me on it... :>   )

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 26th, 1999 11:27pm - Time2Die -

There's a LAN party this weekend in the Raleigh area. We have 4 folks already committed. If anyone is interested in going needs a place to crash and/or wants to car pool over drop me either an email or post something in the private forums. Here's the LAN Party link << Link >>

Here are a couple of little KI logo's for wallpaper. Aetius and I like the blue one...but my roomie (Killnu4u) likes the black one so I'm posting both. Enjoy! << Link >>

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 25th, 1999 1:02pm - Time2Die -

State of the Clan:Holding pattern. What has everyone been playing? You name it...QWCA/Q2DM/TRIBES/HL. Been working a little on the KI page layout and will probably (I promise) start converting the menu layout Tuesday.

I've also been working on redoing [Time-b0t] with a major over haul. If any of you remember the gamesnet "services" bot from long ago and how it did security, that's what I'm shooting for so that everyone in the clan can understand and use the b0t. This includes adding auto-voice and auto-ops and some other cool features. Things that I'm contemplating is having the setinfo done by address and not nick...and I might have TB actually keep up with nick changes and not worry about addresses. This would be helpful for !seen stuff as well. I'm actually working towards releasing the source sometime in May with full documentation as I now have a volunteer to help me document and examine the b0t code logic (weee!). Most don't know...but TB has it's own page (which is getting updated after this one). <<Link>>.

Here are some misc. links that have been floating around the channel:

I'm not going to be around tonight...but for all those interested show up tonight at 9pm to play either HL or TRIBES and hopefully enough folks will show to get something going. Going to the "Frank Black" concert tonight. Frank Black used to be in a band called the "Pixies" for all those who know/care. Went and listened to Henry Rollins speak last night...that dude is one cool mofo. Talked for 3 hours straight (ouch...my ass!). Those little chairs hurt like a mofo after 2 hours of sitting. Hung around for about 30minutes after the show and got my picture taken with him....hope it turns out. If it does I'll post it (as long as I don't look to much like a dork).

Next on my list...gonna fix the recruit page (cause it's broken) and various other admin functions...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 5th, 1999 10:18pm - Time2Die -

Having hit and miss success with re-doing the KI page. Here are a couple of 1024x768 KI wallpaper BMP's I put together while trying to get some graphics to mesh/click. <<Link>>

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