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And That's THAT!
posted by Time2Die@2:51pm EST March 16th, 2000

Welcome to Killersinc.com V.4. We have had 4 major total web page design changes over the course of our history. Come a long way. Still work to be done...but the main module is finished and ready for general consumption. If you have any suggestions, comments, link additions for the right "Quake Links", and/or bug reports please email me.

Some things to note with the page. The forums are kind of flaky. Sometimes you click on the link and nothing happens...it's a bug in the perl I think and I'm working on fixing that. I would recommend registering in the forums section as it remembers via a cookie your password/email stuff. The members page...find a graphic and send it to me and you will get a much better response time than if I go out and find it. I will be catching up the Matches/Results page this weekend. The recruit page is sort of wack but I'll be looking at it in a bit. Also...if you haven't noticed. ftp.killersinc.com is basically the contents of our "Files" and "Downloads" directories. You can reach it via http OR ftp. Contemplating popping the "Matches" directory on the FTP server as well (as a virtual directory).

I would also like to take this time to plug my other page...Ultrageek. I update that page a little more than this one with wacked links, cool pages, and driver info as I find it. Basically trying to keep this page focused on gaming and that one focused on the rest.

Some stuff to look for in the coming weeks. Wallpaper/Logo page that has some of our logo's and stuff that are kind of interesting. Really have never had one spot for all of it. Integrate the Time-b0t page page into the extra's. A config's, scripts, tip's page.

Working the bugs
posted by Time2Die@5:34pm EST March 16th, 2000

Working on the bugs now. Playing with a background image for the about page. It would be a stationary image that wouldn't repeat. The members (grunt work) page has been done. Only a small problem with the default graphic that I need to rework. Matches of course needs to be updated for the last week or so. The recruit form needs to be completely rewritten. Forums seem to work. Contact is cool. And everything else can wait till after the lauch of the page like a updated tb page, wallpaper/logo page, and some other various pages like maybe a config page.

Getting Close
posted by Time2Die@6:02pm EST March 15th, 2000

On the fifth revision of the original proposed design things finally seem to be working and looking to have the page done Thursday for testing and out Friday for general consumption. It's always hard to make updates to the old page with this waiting in the shadows. Still having misc. problems with the forums and still need to run down the entire code base a few times to optimize but the end is near.

New web page design!!!
posted by Time2Die@2:00pm EST March XYZ, 2000

Just some filler. Not sure how I'm going to finish this today. But o well...just popping text in for space so I can get these tables doing what I want them too...damnit. g0d knows what netscape problems we'll have...o well. Still have 3 other tasks to finish. g0d glides going to love this heheh... O well going to repeat this 3 times for some page length...
date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 10th, 2000 11:15am - Time2Die -

Won our match against Darkforces last night. <<Game1>> <<Game2>> <<Demo HdyroAx POV>> Thanks go out to all of those that  played.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) March 2nd, 2000 3:07pm - Time2Die -

Roll Call! Lunk has joined the ranks, Wild has returned, and Rasta has gone part-time. Check the members page for the current line-up. Nihilist whipped together a cool pic for his member bio. Please check your email for match details. The new website has a forums page...but email is our primary means of communication.

A word about bio's. They don't have to be hardcore serious. Spice it up! Got a long term project to get a database driven members section where you can change around you members info yourself. Just have to bribe Assreaper to spend some time working on it with me ;>  Also, I've added the section "Quote" to some of the bio's. If you have a quote that sorta defines your playing attitude and outlook on life, email it to me and I'll add it to ur bio.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 24th, 2000 4:22pm - Time2Die -

Won our OGL match Sunday night against Digital Annihilation in 2 games. <<Game1>> <<Game2>> We lost our TP.NET game and were so disgusted with their sportsman ship we forfeit the last game...we also lost the first two of the three. The SS's will show it wasn't a beat down. <<Game1>> <<Game2>>

We have a new member. KI|Nihilist joins the ranks. Congratulations! It also pains me to announce that for various reasons 2Wild4U and Noogman have left Killers Inc. We wish them well and hope to still see them in the channel and on the servers.

If you have noticed that the results page is a little out of date...not to fear. On the new ki page I'm working on with glide I have updated that one to reflect all of the matches we've been in since Jan 1 (and before). You can't teach old dogs new tricks but I've picked up some anyway ;>

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 20th, 2000 8:12pm - Time2Die -

Here are some more links to help...

NT Campatible - Page that lists application and hardware that works on Windows2000. The best on the net. It also has some more info on those SB Live drivers available from Dell.

SpeedGuide - Registry settings for helping CM and DSL communication. Not sure if this will help your Quake game, but it'll help your downloads for sure. Even has a fair amount of 2000 tweaks.

Kick Wall Paper - Download...don't ask, it's q3 related tho.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 19th, 2000 11:36am - Time2Die -

Still a few bugs in the new tb script (but you'll have to try really hard to find them). It's basically about to drive me nuts. O well...it'll get there.

Windows2000 Links of interest.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 18th, 2000 12:47pm - Time2Die -

I usually don't write about changes to the [Time-b0t] code here but I've changed a feature that almost everyone that frequents the channel uses. The "!setinfo" command has changed to "!info set" (notice the space in there). For a (semi) complete list of "!info" commands do a "!info help". Basically here's the layout of the commands.

All of these commands are prefixed with !info

!info set Some catchy Phrase - Sets the phrase the bot will say when you enter the chanel
!info list - Lists your current info(s).
!info del - Deletes/Resets your info
!info del Slotx - Deletes a particular info slot where x is the slot number
!info help - Shows you a few of the commands to get you started.
!info password - Sets your password. Use !info password oldpassword newpassword to change passwords.
!info random - Just the command will show you what you have this set to. Changing it from the default of no allows you to add as many as 5 info phrases.
!info setup - Shows you your info setup with the bot. How many infos, random or not, and whether you have a password setup
!info slotX Some catchy Phrase - This command is a lot like the "!info set" command except that it over-writes a particular slot with the supplied phrase.
!info test - Tests your info

I will be adding a better help system within the tb code later...What this basically does is allow you to add up to 5 info lines to the bot that the bot randomly says when you join, password protects them, and has an updated "seen" script no one will care about.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 17th, 2000 2:24pm - Time2Die -

Some fun little links

Should be interesting to see what Windows2000 Drivers come out in the next week or so with the official release being today. I also uploaded a image zoid put together listing all of the Q3 levels (including the q3wctf levels) with the map name. Pop'd a link under the ki logo above. The Q3 console list is also worth checking out as they're adding info as they get it on the commands.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 17th, 2000 12:17am - Time2Die -

After some server fun (aka couldn't find a server) we got on teamplay.net east and won both of our games against clan GDI. <<Game1>> <<Game2>>

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 10th, 2000 11:03pm - Time2Die -

Play another award winning teamplay.net match against the fine people at clan megadeath. <<Game1>> <<Game2>>

In other news...the FRAG LAN party event will be having it's first ever 3 day LAN even at the end of March. Check the page for more details. <<Click here>>

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 8th, 2000 4:29pm - Time2Die -

Feel the ping...I mean pain. Played and lost our Teamplay.net DM match against BB. Got close a few times but never could take control of the levels and lost all three games. Here are the SS's. <<Game1>> <<Game2>> <<Game3>>. Funny enough...in game2 even tho we lost I some how got the most frags. Thanks goes out to all that played and for BB for being such good sports.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 7th, 2000 11:16am - Time2Die -

Got back from Sunny L.A. Friday and did a little mini-LAN at the house to celebrate Smeg's birthday (wee!) this weekend. Had some nice 4v4 and 5v5 local CTF and FFA action going. No power problems and only one small instance of ADSL problems (damnit...the one time I needed it the most). Ended up staying up playing till after 2am...we also grilled out some Shish Kabob's so the whole affair could have been named "Grill and Kill". With a ping just over 4ms...it was pure joy.

Well Sunday marked another teamplay.net loss...this time to ActusReus (aR), who was a popular Q2DM clan, by more than 2-to-1 in each of the 3 games. Did some subbing and got about anyone that wanted to play in. Here are the ss's <<Game1>> <<Game2>> <<Game3>>. Game1's SS's got screwed and this is all I have...I also have last weeks loss to XL in CTF. <<Game1>> <<Game2>> <<Game3>> One the first...screwed the second...screwed the third. Great. 

I will be polling everyone in the next day on which day works best for them for practices. Afterwards that is figured out we will be emailing everyone the new guidelines for everyone in the clan that will address who plays and who doesn't and what happens when you don't show up for practice (we hunt you down and make you listen to Rickey Martin while forcing you to watch "Real World part 6000"). Not a big deal...it will just help us keep more organized and efficient.  

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) February 1st, 2000 11:56am - Time2Die -

Sunday is starting to become our "Teamplay.net rumble" night. This Sunday has us playing BB around 8pm and aR after. Just a little update...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 24th, 2000 12:56am - Time2Die -

Played our first round of Teamplay.net's matches tonight and won both our CTF and DM matches. For the Team DM we played our old friends from the QW days OutLawz in three games. Here are the SS's <<Game 1>> <<Game2>> <<Game3>>.The third game was especially fun after having to play for about 5 minutes without a 4th because of technical difficulties that hit one of our finest at a most inopportune time (Install Win2k and be done with it :). The CTF match was a very nice showing as well even if we did end up playing Q3ctf1 (known for it's FFA like quality of game play). We won the first game on q3wctf1 2-0 and tied the second which meant who ever with the most frags took that match (which was us). <<Game 1>> <<Game 2>>.

It's late...I'll update tomorrow the results and schedule.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 21st, 2000 3:53pm - Time2Die -

Little feel good Friday Update. Finally had time this afternoon to finish up my "Time2Die's Quake3Arena Server Setup Guide". I put it together because I thought it needed to be done and I was tired of constantly pulling up Console Command pages to find the exact command I was looking for (take g_password for instance). At any rate...it's done and I know at least I'll find a use for it :>

Glide and I are working hard on the new web page. Those that have seen the SS I had floating around have given it the thumbs up. All I can say is that it's going to rock but that it's still weeks away from being deployed. I personally have already put at least 40 hours in over the last 2 months on the server, graphics, and html and Glide has probably put in more than that.

FRAG V - March 25th will be the next FRAG LAN Party (located in Raleigh, NC). The max number of registrants will be 100. Look for an announcement soon on open registry.

We have two Teamplay.net matches scheduled for this Sunday. Look for results Sunday night. Also, we had a OGL match last week in which I forgot to post the results. It was a East/West (our favorite) match in which we got the better of the LAG and won. I'll post the score's this weekend (as well as a LAG-infested demo :)

Almost forgot some "Cool" Friday links:

IMPORTANT - If you have put in an application for the Clan...please resubmit it. If the page doesn't advance to a white page with a summary of the information that you just submitted, the form didn't work and you should email me.

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 13th, 2000 9:44am - Time2Die -

13th...why not. Haven't updated much because there hasn't been anything really news worthy to post. We do have some matches coming up. Sunday we have a OGL Q3 DM 4v4 match at 10pm. Thought we dropped OGL? We'll...I never deleted the team and we got challenged and so I accepted and set the match up. We also have a teamplay.net match Monday at 9pm (or is that a scrim). I'll try and post the details on both of those tonight. While on hiatus from updating the page I've been learning a lot of new Photoshop and ImageReady tricks while helping design this company web site I'm working on. Some links to pass the time...

date-strip-end1c.gif (1082 bytes) January 1st, 2000 10:34am - Time2Die -

Welcome...this is Killers Inc. Made it through the night to the dawn of a new year and the end of the 1900's (not the millennium for all you smarty pants out there). Should be interesting to see what the next 25 years hold as fossil fuels run out and alternative fuels are magically discovered to replace them (which are probably on some shelf at Exxon as we speak). I know in the next 2-3 years the direction of the PC will change from the hobbyist to the appliance. I believe speeds will become SO fast and RAM and storage SO plentiful that overclocking and waiting for the next CPU chip price to drop will become a thing of the past. Appliance PC will eventually happen (not in 2-3 years tho) and I'd still like to see a four prong power plug that uses one prong for the houses internal network (groovy!).

In other news we (sorta) got the server at speeds configured only to have the box go down. Still now word why as the ip is timing out (great). This time I have backups of the configs...here's what they'll look like when they come back up.

KI - Mobius Crusades (Q3W MAPS) -
KI Tag-n-Frag (Rev.2) -

The first is running q3wctf1-3 and q3ctf3 in rotation with the callvote command disabled. I've seen some servers where people are changing the maps to non ctf maps...basically killing the server. The second is a TP server named after the popular KI Q2 server which recently was retired (sniff sniff). I have the zip of the server if anyone cares to remember on a local LAN.

Had a little mini LAN last night with Aetius, JarGirl, N8-Dawg, Time2die ($me), and Smeg. The ADSL here REALLY holds up. We all were playing with nice 30-40ms pings with no lag during battles (which is where network activity will spike on you). The details of the rest of the night aren't for public consumption ;>

If you're bored and want to screw up your machines registry and a hopeless attempt to better your connection to the internet through system tweaks then this is the page for you...Speed Guide...first page I've seen with NT4 tweaks.

Happy New Years...

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