September 2000
Friday, September 29, 2000

News Archives.
Posted by esclay@ 2:50 PM EDT

    Probably weren't missing this feature but I "fixed" the news archive link and setup the "search" feature below for searching for old posts. Newspro is handy in that it auto-archives news in a nice and tidy way...

New mouse pad.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:01 AM EDT

    Glide sends on this link for a new mouse surface. He's ordered one already so we should know shortly the dealie...

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Cases Part 2.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:32 PM EDT

    Was scooping out the digitaljedi page when I spied some more case links. Check these cases out spied at Quakecon2k. Notice the "Blow Holes" on the side. GD! If you've ever seen my probably have heard me talk about my fan stuck into the side of the case blowing straight down on the CPU. Overheating is a thing of the past with that bad dog...

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Kickass Case.
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:55 PM EDT

    Kickass case...even if it DOES have UT on it ;> This one is also pretty sweet.

Quake3 Page.
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:10 PM EDT

    UC Quake3 Guide. Look around a bit as it has some interesting info. The Why Does Framerate Affect Jumping? link it explains why the "bug" that was fixed in 1.25 killed strafe jumping.

Sunday, September 24, 2000

1.25 to 1.17.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:11 PM EDT

    Most of us will be using 1.17 for awhile as nothing works with 1.25 except base Q3 (and what fun is that?). Here's how you revert downwards...

1) Delete the pak4.pk3 file located in your /baseq3 folder
2) Reinstall the Quake 3 Arena Point Release version 1.17.


Friday, September 22, 2000

Posted by Time2Die@ 3:13 PM EDT

    Say what you's an article on what Duke University has to say on banning access to Napster from it's network. Interesting. Glad someone's taking a stand. There's a revolution brewing in case you haven't noticed. Eventually there will emerge a medium where Artist will be able to circumvent the Corporations and Big Wigs that are trying to control them in a way that makes them all the money and the artist none. Think about that when your ping goes to hell on the KI 152.16.203.x server. :>

Head Phones /w MIC.
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:02 PM EDT

    Here are some Yamaha head phone's for $36.41 that include a MIC. You can take the mic off. Looks cool an about half as much as the Plantronic headphones. Course the Plantronic headphones have a cool little volume nobie on the cord...

Thanks elite for the link and info...

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Posted by Time2Die@ 5:32 PM EDT

    Played another OGL match last night against "Soldiers of War" (SOW). Here are the screenshots and demo's... Great game guys. Thanks go out to SOW for being a no BS clan, thanks for all that showed up and played, and thanks bofh for letting us use your server.

Posted by Time2Die@ 5:19 PM EDT

    Elite has joined the KI ranks. Elite is located in the Raleigh, likes to "own" whenever possible, and is a LEO.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Recruit Form.
Posted by Time2Die@ 4:58 PM EDT

    Finally fixed the recruit form with some help from lunk. Go here to check it out and/or test it... I'll set the email to the KI mailing list tomorrow.

TP.Net and backbone hell.
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:10 PM EDT

    Our match last night got put off as the internet was bogged down almost for everyone involved. Not sure when we'll make this match up but I'll keep everyone informed when I know more...stupid Olympics heh...

Servers and Stats.
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:07 PM EDT

    About time for a server overhaul...but we've got some stats going here. The RA stats are boinked and I don't know why. I've put in an email to the main ra3 guy but no response yet.

Friday, September 15, 2000

Posted by esclay@ 9:46 AM EDT

    Noogman and Killers Inc. have parted ways due to personality conflicts within the clan. Leaving as a result of the conflict that this departure has caused are Raider, 2Wild4U, Lonka, and JawBrKr.

OGL News.
Posted by esclay@ 9:41 AM EDT

    Did an OGL match against "Drunken Monkey Style" Wednesday night. Great game after a late start. KI won 2-0. << game 1 q3ctf1 >> << game 2 q3ctf3 >>

Monday, September 11, 2000

IRC Stats and misc webpage follies.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:08 AM EDT

    Broke some of the KI page this weekend...probably didn't notice. That "Page not found" gone. Also fixed Time-b0t's logging problem. Seems the new mIRC 3.8 will let you log the network you're on int he name of the log file...which is ok except that the stats program is looking for the old file name! Words...

Friday, September 8, 2000

Little Time-b0t.
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:20 PM EDT

    Upgraded Time-b0t to release 5.8 of mIRC and fixed some bugs in the !info script. Amazing what about a hundred lines of code can do. Except when it doesn't work of course. The biggest problem I've run into is error trapping and planning for usage that I hadn't thought about the first time I wrote the script. I think I have 99% of the bugs out and added a bunch of error traps to help the ones we get. Course it always works when I test we'll see as time goes on where the problems pop up!

Demoshow Creator?.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:59 AM EDT

    Looks cool from the screenshots. Take a look here. Screenshots is all you get tho as the site is in like some other language...but the util is in english, go figure.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

GameSpy 2.22.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:25 PM EDT

    Not sure if this has been out for reg'd users or not but here's a local mirror of the new GameSpy 2.22.

Posted by Time2Die@ 4:06 PM EDT

    I have "fixed" the servers page. The sub pages now work. Look from some additional changes in the next couple of days as I put a "Files/Links" section on the right with links to the OSP and Q3Comp clients.